Taylor Terry

Picture of Taylor Terry working the "Spread the Word to End the Word" campaign table

Taylor Terry campaigns for “Spread the Word to End the Word”

Taylor Terry is a 19 year old girl and she likes to do stuff in her free time like basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, bowling, tennis, and badminton. She is a very nice girl who loves to hangout with people and Who want to be a preschool teacher in the future.

CESS Symposium

Today was a good day for the CESS Symposium. I did an awesome rock star job on my presentation. I had a lot of people come and check out my project and there were other tables about other education programs. I was a little nervous about presenting in front of a lot of special educators. I felt pretty awesome at the end because it was over and I felt so proud of myself.


Think College Group Photo

Yesterday was our programs group photo day right next to the catamount cat (Rally Cat). when Cora and I got there we saw Moriah, Maddie, Leah and Gabby. kiersten told us to stand on the catamount cat. we took some pictures of the group, some were funny and other pictures were serious. here is one of our favorite pictures:

Spending Time with Maddie on Free Cone Day on Monday

Spending time with Maddie on campus was a lot of fun on Monday hanging out outside in the warm weather, working on homework and taking pictures for class. I told Maddie that free cone day was on Tuesday and that I was not going to be there that day, she said to me “go and ask them if you could go and get a free cone or scoop for that day and they said yes and so as I was walking out of Ben and Jerry’s I told Maddie that “I used my charming personality to go and get a cone or scoop of sorbet”.

Opening Doors Conference at the Sheraton Hotel

I am very excited about the Opening Doors Conference at the Sheraton hotel on April 16. I am going to do two presentations, one is with Susan Ryan to talk about the PAR class and how it works, and the other one is the mentor panel to talk about what the students like about the mentors and what it’s like to become a mentor for the UVM Think College Vermont Program. It’s going to be a fun day and everyone should come to cheer us on as we present our presentations to you.

 Burlington 101 with Coleen

Colleen and I had so much fun today during Burlington 101. We went to Henrys Diner for lunch. The food was so good there. Then we went to a coffee shop to do some homework together. I feel so proud of getting my homework done before spring break. Then when we were finished with our homework, we went to Old Gold to look and try some masks on in the store. The last place we went to before catching the bus to uvm was the catamounts store in downtown Burlington.

My Week At UVM

My week at UVM was good when Shannon and I found out that the national pancake day at IHOP was Tuesday not Wednesday and when I looked on my Facebook page, I was so mad that free pancake day was Tuesday. On Thursday Maddie and I went to the gym to walk the track and we were talking and decided that next time I have Burlington 101 that Maddie should go with me for Burlington 101 to go and get pancakes for breakfast at IHOP. Today Maddie decided to do 25 push ups at the gym after we walked 4 miles on the track.. We did a good job at the gym today and were both proud of ourselves for what we accomplished.

My first day of class and my adventure with Colleen during Burlington 101

First day of my class was very interesting and i was a little nervous about going into class that day. My class turned out to be very cool about learning different things that i did not know about. Yesterday my class did a skype session with a professor from Ireland and he talked about working with other students with intellectual disabilities. I am looking forward to see how the next few months will be for this class.

My adventure with Colleen during Burlington 101 was funny and it was a disaster because we couldn’t find My Little Cupcake and we were using my phone and going to two gas stations to find out where My Little Cupcake place was at. We were cold and soaking wet because we were in the middle of a snowstorm that day. Then we finally found My Little Cupcake and enjoyed some cupcakes ourselves. Colleen got a red velvet cupcake and I had four mini vanilla cupcakes and they were so delicious.

End of Third Semester

I’m really happy and sad that the second semester is over and ready for winter break and Christmas to come very soon. for Christmas this year I want hello kitty stuff for Christmas. I will miss all of the mentors and especially the ones who are leaving to go onto bigger things in life. I hope to see all the mentors and students very soon.

miss and love you guys so much


P.S. you guys are rockstar awesome.

UVM job fair

UVM job fair-I went to the uvm job fair and it was awesome going there with Sophia, Leah, and Cora. I got a bunch of stuff for internship opportunities and possibly working there as a counselor or a CIT. there were also some neat little toys that you can fiddle around if you get distracted or angry at something.

working out with Cora at the Gym

I had a good exercise at the gym with Cora today. we did the bike, elliptical, and treadmill. we were doing so good and having a good time that we got kicked out of the gym because I was wearing open toed sandals. so I learned my lesson to not wear sandals while working out. lol

SABE conference MN 2012

The SABE conference in MN I went to was awesome. I got to go to Mall Of America while I was at the conference. I stayed at a five star hotel near restaurants (Especially subway which was right around the corner). on the way to the airport to go back home I missed my flight back to Burlington, VT because I went to the food court to get some food and when I came back to my gate, they were already done boarding people on the plane so I was stuck in Washington Dulles airport. I called my mom to tell her what had happened and she and my dad were mad and upset about what I have done by missing my flight. after that I learned my lesson about not leaving the gate and getting food, so I still need to learn about flying on airplane tips.

Hanging out with Leah

On Tuesday Leah and I hung out in the Davis Center pool tables. We were supposed to play pool together, but didn’t have time to play because Leah had to leave to go to class with Sophia.

Deb, Amanda, and I just talked and hung out before I met up with Amber to go to class. It was a successful Tuesday.

Playing pool with sophia

Playing pool last Friday was fun because I got to play pool with Sophia, Cora, and Leah. We were having a pool competition, and Sophia and I were kicking everyone’s behind in pool. When we were playing pool (Sophia and I), Leah tried to get one of the pool balls in the holes even though it was someone else’s turn. LOL. Leah, you are so funny; you crack me up!  And Sophia kept telling you, “Leah don’t make me come and take your pool stick.” LOL.

Playing Basketball with Andrew

Last thursday, Andrew and I played basketball on one of the indoor basketball courts and it was fun. I kicked Andrew’s behind in basketball because we were playing H.O.R.S.E and I got the most shots in the hoops. I wished that we played longer, but we only had like 5 to 10 minutes to play basketball, or shoot some hoops. (Sorry, Andrew, about kicking your behind in basketball because you better watch out- this girl is on fire when it comes to playing basketball).


Zumba with Rebecca and nicole

We went to zumba class last Friday, and we had so much fun during class. Rebecca and I butt heads together when we go to class together. LOL. She is a nut case, and she is funny when we do zumba, or we gossip about cute guys. I like hanging out with Nicole during zumba class, and have lunch together with both of our mentors. (Sorry Rebecca I can’t help that you are funny and a good friend to hangout with the students).

Montpelier presentation

Montpelier presentation – I had a good time yesterday, at the State House, for representing Think College Vermont, and talking about our experiences, and what classes we took at uvm, what the mentors do as a role in the college program. Kiersten did well at the microphone (even though she was nervous about it). It was a great opportunity to speak in front of 20 professionals from the different colleges across Vermont.

I brought cookies for the entire class, today, and it was a big hit having a snack during class time. I brought in two different colors of cookies (pink and white frosting) – yum. They were so good and my teacher had a cookie too. After class I still had leftovers, I think I might share the cookies with my family. (Taylor)

First week back at uvm

My first week back at uvm-I was so glad to be back at uvm to take a new class and a whole another year semester. I was so excited to start my new class for the semester and the class has a less number of students than last semester. For lunch that day back at campus I had chicken fingers and carrots and it was so good. I was so happy and excited to meet my new mentors (newbies) and to see my old mentors who I missed so much but happy to see them back on campus. (Taylor)

Peer relations presentation

I worked on my part of the PowerPoint slides and I got all of the slides done in one day. I felt very proud of myself because I practiced my slides for the presentation and I feel a little nervous, but confident that I could do a good job about speaking about what my slides are all about between infancy-preschool. Our topic is on peer relations and it means what a peer is and how they communicate, it talks about acceptance, popularity, best friends, and peer pressure and what that means to a child. (Taylor)

Lunch at Brennan’s on Tuesday- I went to eat lunch at Brennan’s with Amanda and Leah. This was my first time there. For lunch I got three buttermilk pancakes with some scrambled eggs and home fries. Leah got a bowl of salad. Devon got some free popcorn, Amanda had some maple yogurt with almonds and nuts. I had the best pancakes ever and I loved them. They were so scrumptious and I was singing, “I love these pancakes.”  lol. (Taylor)

Literature review

Today I got started researching articles for my paper and got some articles printed out. I feel that I can get this paper done and maybe raise up my grades. I am a little nervous (not that much) that I won’t have the right amount of pages to finish this paper. I just have to stay focused and get these pages done and it will be over soon. (Taylor)

Yay! No more exams whoo hoo love it, lol

My last exam was a little easier because I studied more than I did on my last two tests. In the middle of my test it got a little harder especially with the theories I had to learn before the exam, but I got through  it with no problem. I did a little dance after my last exam was finished whoo hoo love it (no more exams lol). I feel pretty confident that I will pass my last exam and if I don’t, at least I tried my best to do the exam. (Taylor)

Journaling about my day at zumba class-today was a good day at zumba class. On tuesday I went into the changing room to put on my shorts for zumba class. When I got my shorts out of my backpack, my shorts smelled and were covered in rotted apple. I was so mad when I couldn’t wear them because it gets very hot in the dance studio, so I had to wear my jeans into the class (it was so brutal because I tried to roll up my Jean leggings but it didn’t work. I was so hot and sweaty. I learned my lesson to never put apples or oranges in my bag where my clothes are located because they would smell bad (no joke lol). (Taylor)

Journaling about the ice rink and playing pool-the ice rink was huge and it had very many seats to seat a lot of people. The ice rink was a little chilly because it was indoors and it stays cold all year long. Then we left the gym to go play pool at the Davis Center. It was a good game with Amanda. I beat her at pool today but It was a very close game. It was between us two and the eight ball because the eight ball is very dangerous lol. (Taylor)

Journaling about today-it was a good day today with Ashleigh. We went to the learning co-op appointment and the tutor was asking how often I study, I said to her maybe once a day for two hours. Ashleigh was saying to me that it was very important to study everyday, I thought that she was saying it like I was the one who was not getting my work done at school or home. and when I see the look on her face when she is talking to me, it makes me feel guilty, sad, and a little bit of insecure and sometimes I feel uncomfortable when people say things like that. It makes me feel very sensitive about my feelings being somewhat hurt like that. (so sorry Ashleigh I will try and do better next time). (Taylor)

My friends I saw in class today-I saw my friend joy and said hi to her. She came in and sat next to me in class while she was having a snack before class. I like joy because she is a nice person to talk to, and she is very sweet and wonderful. She wants to work with children someday just like me. Another friend I saw in class today was Kelsey. She is a very nice person to talk to. I see her working as a special educator some day. Kelsey wants to work with children in a daycare center or work in a school as a special educator. I think that joy and Kelsey will be good teachers in the future, and they will be great at teaching children. (Taylor)

Child development exam #2

Child development exam #2-yesterday I studied for my exam with my PCA Allie and we went over the slide notes twice at Barnes and Nobles. I think I feel ready for the test today because I studied this morning during breakfast, yesterday, and last night with my mom. I feel that I know I can do great on the exam and get a good grade. At the appointment I went to with Ashley on Tuesday, the tutor talked to me about tips on taking the test. She said that I need to relax, and breathe before the test today.

Child observation #1

Journaling about my observation paper-my observation paper is due today. Little nervous about handing the paper in. Because some of it was easy because some of it was typing which was fine with me at first, then some of it was hard to remember because I had to research what the year was when he did it and when it was published. I think I have the confidence in handing it in to my professor.

New place on campus

New place-I am Journaling about a new place I went for lunch with Leah. We went to Simpsons to eat lunch, I had two pieces of pizza (yum) and jello but didn’t really care for the whipped cream that was on top of the jello. Leah had salad and jello, she said it was good and for desert she had a cookie. There is Lots of good food there. It wasn’t crowded with a bunch of people at the Simpson store. Then I had desert myself, I had a sugar cookie and it was delicious and scrumptious (loved it) lol.

Second week of class

I have fun with my mentors during the day and we hang out and talk go on Facebook together whenever we can. I like my mentors because it’s like I have  best friends who work with me and go to class together. We play pool together and I am the pool shark who is good at it (sorry Amanda and Devon)! LOL.

Today, I had an access appointment with my mentor to discuss how can I get help in the classroom for test and projects. It went pretty well.  I get to have extra time to finish things and I get an audiobook to listen to the stories for homework. My class is going pretty well.  I have made new friends in class and the work gets pretty easy and sometimes hard, and my mentor helps me take notes and helps me get it done.

First day of zumba class

Journaling about my thoughts-Tuesday was my first day of zumba. It was fun getting to dance with all the people. Between me and amber we were just making complete fool of ourselves(sorry amber) I liked it so much it was hard to learn the moves so fast because I’ve never done zumba before. We were just so confused on what to do next. The moves are like belly dancing, shaking the hips, moving to the music, and lifting the knees was the hardest part.

Beginning of my first college experience

It was my first day of college. It is going pretty well. I like the library and the books, but I didn’t like walking up and down the stairs. On Tuesday’s I stay till 7:00pm and it is a long day for me and a lot of load on my plate. My biggest fear would be not having my parents to help me with campus life and other stuff.
I love my child development class and learning new things about how children develop new things in their years. I love making new friends on the first day of class. I want to be a preschool teacher when I finish this class. My fear is if I don’t pass this class then I will have to take the class all over again and I don’t want to do that it makes me feel angry and sad if I don’t pass this class. I would ask for help when I need it. When there is a mid-term starting soon I feel nervous that I wouldn’t be able to ask for help without interrupting the class during the mid-term.

September 6, 2011
Journaling about my thoughts-I love my child development class and learning new things about how children develop new things in their years. I love making new friends on the first day of class. I want to be a preschool teacher when I finish this class. My fear is if I don’t pass this class then I will have to take the class all over again and I don’t want to do that it makes me feel angry and sad if I don’t pass this class. I would ask for help when I need it. When there is a mid-term starting soon I feel nervous that I wouldn’t be able to ask for help without interrupting the class during the mid-term.