Meghan Fitzpatrick


Meghan is currently an incoming junior at the University of Vermont. She is taking a pre-med route, double majoring in Biology and Spanish. After college, Meghan hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career as a pediatrician.

Meghan is from Norfolk, MA, a small town located near Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots! During the summer months, she works as a counselor at a day camp as well as a hostess at Tavolino, a restaurant located at Gillette. Along with working, she enjoys dancing, listening to music, playing sports, and spending time with her friends. She is currently a third-year member of the UVM Dance Team.

Meghan is looking forward to working with Think College Vermont for the first time this upcoming semester. She is more than grateful to be a part of this amazing experience and to have the opportunity to meet new people.

Blog about special needs and the Special Olympics

Hi, I’m Matt Saunders.
This blog is about special needs and the Special Olympics .The Special Olympics provides opportunities for people with special needs to show their abilities. I think that all people from UVM and Think College should show how excellent they are. They should show who they really are so they can stand out. Millions of people are gaining opportunities from the Special Olympics around the World. I have two best friends who are April and Leah that are in the Special Olympics, and they are able to show their talents. They are leading a lot of people, and opening the doors for other people with special needs to join the Special Olympics. America has their own flag, just like every country around the world has their own flag. The Special Olympics has people that represent countries from all around the World. Many different cultures are in the Special Olympics. Everyone that wins the Special Olympics gets a medal, and gets to celebrate their success. The Bald Eagle is a symbol of the flag of America. It is a symbol of strength and success, so spread your wings and fly!!! Everyone should get a chance in their life to fly and do the things they never thought were possible! Everyone can make their dreams come true, and be great for themselves. In the Special Olympics everyone is beautiful and everybody’s a winner. As Christina Aguilera said, “You are beautiful in every single way!”

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