Friday Reflection

If you could go back in time and change something that
happened in the past few weeks, what would you change and how would you change it?

Answer: If i could time travel i would travel back to Comic-Con.
I would be outside of the building next to the door, I walk inside, but carefully to not cause a shift reaction or paradox. As soon as people don’t see two Joe’s walking i blend into the crowd of other comic con people. They don’t notice because they are busy looking at books. I bump into my past self and i grab him by the the shoulders
and pull him into a dark corner and say to him: “Dude listen! whatever you do look at the prices of the things you want to buy first. Dad will get super peeved off if you max out your credit card to much”. Then I push him back into the comic con crowd and warp
back to the future.Moral: Check the price first and financial planning.

Answer:  If i went back in time it would be into an alley so  people wouldn’t see me walk into Papa John’s two times. Past me goes into papa johns. I take a bus to ECHO center  and go look at cool animals. I am in two places at once. Then I have all this time on my hands. I walk around and get to see new buildings, get to go to  a comedy club. I’m multitasking. Moral: be productive, try to eat healthy and see new sites.

When do you think you need more mentor support? When  do you think you can be more independent?

I think I need more mentor support for really hard questions and for moral support. When the exam happens if it is too stressful I would like you guys to help me out. A Petco adventure would be fun if I could go check it out. It would be nice to have someone to go with me.  I want to get up when it’s daytime without my alarm but at the same time, my alarm helps. I want to organize my notes and put sticks but mentor help would be nice. Maybe an independent action would be going into the living well rooms and learning what they do.    

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