Rachel reflects!

  1. The new place that I went to lunch last week was Given Bistro. I’ve never been there before so I went to try it out. The sandwich that I had for lunch was cheddar cheese. It was so tasty. I would recommend for the first years to go there for lunch during independent time or with a mentor. Other places I would like to go is downtown or take the bus to Barnes and Noble.
  2. Something that makes me proud is that I am making new friends in the program. That is making me proud because I like making new friends in the program. It makes me happy because I can stay in touch with them. If they have a good or bad day in school I am here for them as friend. I like making new friends because I get along with people and I know how to be here for them. To make a new friend, you can ask them on the first day of school or in class, “Would you like to be my friend?” To me, a good friend is someone who is trusting, supportive, and kind.

Rachel taking a selfie with new and old friends (Mads, Erin, and Grace) 


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