April Hartley


End of the year

This semester has flown by like the wind being apart of something is an awesome feeling to have. And have meaning to it. Also a lot of focus and commitment to the program Im the proseter for education for think college it’s been an honnor to me that Bryan and Cassie gave me a chance to talk in public. It would awesome if I took a public speaking class because it would be beneficial for me to practice my voice to be louder then I won’t need to have a microphone. I love think College because it gives me a chance to explore new things to know who I am. To find myself and find out what I am capable of. I found myself I know who I want to be . For the rest of my life I want to be a public speaker. I know my rights are and that is what I am a person who has a disability. Thanks to think college I have been a better person .

Senior year /new year/ new chapter

Wow I can’t believe that this semester is going so fast and I’m ending my experience of UVM in May I still have 6 more mounts still to come but still I’m sad and excited at the same time.I’m sad because I am going to miss my friends and my huge support team I have. Also I can’t believe that 2015 is coming omg where did 2014 going so fast. That means new things are coming up and people are making new resolutions I have not made any yet that sticking to. Also this a new chapter in my life trilogy in my life chapter book Because this my life that I am in. New things are coming up in my life: getting engaged , marriage, apartment/ house , getting a good paying jobs for me and my boyfriend to pay off bills. I’m getting more independent skills to be independent to be abble to be with my wonderful hard working boyfrind. And have family so thanks to for UVM think college to be apart of my life and a dream came true. thanks to my huge support team that supports me happy thanksgiving also I am going to ask my friend stirring if she can help me on a PowerPoint of my UVM experiences and put pictures I have taken and music to set the mood thanks to the mentors that helped me though the years and being flexible in there busy agenda to help me. Im going to write a speech and describing the mentors in one word don’t them it’s a surprise. shhh

My speech. For think college

I was supposed to talk at the think college open meeting I did not have time. Here it is hi name is April Hartley my experience here at UVM think college is Awesome because the mentors are there to help to Gide us the students in think college.  If u don’t know what is think college because you are a new student and don’t know the rules are think college is a small program at UVM. This campus is huge make sure you are with someone or a friend , mentor , the head of the program . They are the best in the world I like this program I’m a senior meaning I’m gong to graduate this program. For me it’s been a life time dream I had there.  Is To get involved in. Like classes that a mentor will go. With u the mentors role is they get to help us on. A lot of things like homework on time when things are due my favorite is. Exploring around the campus and be in a club or to I’m in a club right now. It’s called the water tower that is the. School news paper .thanks hearing me out
Peace out

Rainy day

I love think college it has been given me good opportunities to be involved in clubs that I like. I love the club I’m in now the water tower the UVM news paper my next issue is going to be about people not wearing helmets. Now that is a good topic to talk about because I care a lot about UVM Student safety I’m just a careful person in think college I always look around to other people for topics to write about and also I’m writing my own book calld Aprill audiobyology . Thanks for your time to read this I got a nick name from Matt Saunders he calls me Kelly clarkson because of my blond hair is short like hers.

My experiences at UVM

Hello again this is April my experience here at UVM has been fun like going to classes and exploring around the UVM campus I like my internship I have two of them at the BCA center and at the memorial auditorium helping with parents and kids doing arts and crafts and clay. yes it is time for me to say bye to UVM because I’m a senior going to graduate soon in May 15 I loved all the mentors here at think college I would recommend it to the people who needs help I will let you know i am completely done the program. I still have 7 more months to stay here at think college and explore . I will blog again tomorrow at school when I’m free. Bye .

Hard to wake up

Hey today I hard to wake up today because it dark and gloomy day and today is 9/11 I had a moment of silence with skylar this morning I thinks it’s awesome that skylar is going to interview me for her class issues affecting persons with disabilities she going to talk to her etcher about changing her subject. I love UVM because it’s awesome college to be in I’m so blessed to be here and making new friends it’s fun it would more awesome if I had Lenerd benson for a mentor. Because he. Will keep in. In focus in class.

Hip hop

Hey I was going to post this but I did not save it so I am posting it right now hip hop for me yesterday was awesome and fun I got to know the classmates and the instructor her name is lois trembly she is so talented she is the best I like the warm ups but hip hop is hard and intense because there is a lot of physical work in the dance I’m sore of it. But it’s worth it to reach my dream my dream is to be a back up dancer for my favorite singers. Like. Blake Shelton, Beyoncé , maroon 5 etc this class will help me to expand my dance movements my instructor told me that when I go in circles. When I dance that it would be my famous move
See yah
Kelly Clarkson out
My real name is April hartley

Think college

I love this program I am in its called think college I’m expanding my education my major is performing arts. I’m a Freshmen Here at UVM I love it because it’s a good quality to have I can’t wait for Tonight I have a dance at Burlington at the first congregational church with my boyfriend and friends Think college is a program for people for disabilities Right Now I’m hanging With my friend Keshia she is awesome And mentors Meghan, Shannon,gabby they Are Really cool in think college You get have mentor that I will help you with The whole entire 2 full years with them It loads of fun.
And making. New friends. Everything I love it here you will to

I will blog. Soon

Outer out

Another school day

I love this program called think college because I get to explore myself and who I want to be. I really want be a pop star and working with kids academic today day work basiclay like my mom does for work I can’t wait to graduate from here so I can start living with my boyfriend .it would be awesome if I lived. On campus at the L & L. Because my major is in performing arts

Update I just

Hey this is. April aka otter this year. In 2014 is awesome. I love. Seeing and being with all the new mentors they. Awesome Latter. I am doing. A my own. Talk show for my boyfriend about think college he. Knows. Some. Information about. It he dose. Not. Know all. The. Fun stuff about. It. I. Can’t wait for my internships. Too. Excited mine is. At. The royall Taylor. Theater and the. Flynn I can’t. Wait to be. Famous. I lil ken. My. Class. I am taking. It is. Written expression. My. Teacher. Is. Jenny. Grosvenor the book of. Ghost map. Is really graphic I just. Had. Phish food really. Good . Sorry if I had been blogging. I will. Don’t. Worry

Final project

My project will be at the tunnel At 2:55 thanks.
Hope to see you there

Otter out

Finalizing. Location  for final project

I mind up my mind this is held at the tunnel contend to the Davis center

Thanks hope you can come at 1:30 until 4:15 I will be timed

Otter out

Final project

It is going to be outside of waterman building

I hope to see you guys there

Love April

Busy  week 

Hey this is April aka otter again i can’t believe this week is final exam week people these days are working and studying like bees buzzing all the around even me In a special program in UVM it is called think college I have that are mentors that help me I’m busy with a final project for my class Movement improvisation I love my teacher Clare she is the best sometimes I can’t read her comets so i ask Marley to read it I got two of my reflects Back I got two B’s that is awesome i always Want to be a all b student Because I think it will help me on my way to a good paying job to be a singer I always wanted to be that is my passion on the two side jobs is my bakery job and to Help people with there problems and try my best to help . otter out

Just chilling out

Today in class was cool because we did a jam it is like a mash up students in class we worked on differnt levels of ; weight lifting, walking like monkeys, jumping on and off people with our feet I liked a lot but there is some things to approve on like the weight lifting. after that we walked towards the Davis center for lunch and waiting for a mentor because Marley had to go to her next class .Alii showed up i never had her for a mentor I really like her we shared some common interests like a show I like it is called the voice. She wants team Adam Levine to win I would like team ceelo or team Blake win after that I got hang with Keshia and Marley we all went downstairs to play a board game called life then Leah and Sophia came down to join us then I had to go for my ride home around 3:30
Otter out

The amazing day EVER

I had the amazing day ever I love my class I just did the shoulder somersault in class it Was awesome. At first I did not know if I can do it I was nervous and pressured but I am not anymore i know what is expected of me in class. I am learning a lot i am getting lots of good information about improvisation and art I got to hang out with keshia and talked about her halloween costume party. On that day I broke though my nervousness and I will ale leadership rolls in class it was cold and sunny day I had loads of fun.

The best. Day ever

I had the best day ever because I saw Ellen at lunch time finally I got my ice cream buddy back thanks so Much to panther aka Brian. My class is getting intense. These days because of the new dance moves we are doing. I just took this quiz where you stand on government issues. It is hosted by a friend of mine his name is Christian he is my dance class. I like Shannon. Because she looks like Selena Gomez .
Otter out

Having A awesome Day

I love my dance class because we get to dance to music and hurt our selfs because of the movement we have been doing. I am getting into shape hurt I also like Marley she makes sure that I understand the directions well and she shows me the 1time she is my roll model I look up to her for anything really like punch buggies whenever u see a volt wagon car then. U. Punch them on the arm. And say punch buggy no take backs. Me and Marley Have a song in our heads called wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus

Hey guys. this  is champ again!

It has. Been. 3 in a half  weeks here At  UVM. I love all of the mentors.  My favorite mentor is V-Dowg because he helped me with my technical problems on my iPad.  My favorite thing I did today was get ice cream with Ellen. My least favorite thing I did today was…nothing.  I don’t have a least favorite. I have been busy playing soccer. I got invited to my friend Nicole’s graduation party. I am not looking forward to graduating from UVM because I will miss the mentors. I am really looking forward to getting an internship, maybe at the Flynn for performing.

Love Champ.

Peace out!

Coldest.  Day

I like UVM it is awesome I like hot tea’ hot chocolate with mini marshmallows ‘ Ice skating’ and ice fishing. I am very excited. About the winter but. Don’t like. The cold winds
I see dancing leafs outside when I look out in the windows of the Davis center or south wick. I love all. The. Mentors the number 1 mentor is. Ellen she is my best friend she always keep me on my toes she also. My ice cream buddy . I love my class. I am. Staying focus all the time now . Ellen is one of a kind she looks like. Me in. A different way of smartness and beauty inside. Of. Every one

I love u Brian

Champ out

Fall master piece

It is like a vibrant bright September colors on a canvas.
I am understanding my class very well. I kinda need a little I Help on focusing in class a little bite more. I need to practice on some stuff i know I can do it. It Is Getting Very windy outside. I liked how I can get around campus it is awesome me and Ellen , v Dowg Are making a video together. I guess I can bring out my personality a little bite.I would like to learn about different kinds of music all over the world. And see from the inside of someone’s life would be like if. They would be me. My mom told me that I am unique and teach. People about Down syndrome and celiac I don’t mind if anyone comes up to me and ask me .I love to share about anything really don’t be shy to ask me. Because I am open to any thing, nice I’m a angel. I don’t bite just ask my mentors and my boyfriend they are very good at what they do. I am happy what they do the best is there job to help me to Gide me to the right path to heaven.

Road not taken


My UVM story

I love it here at UVM. My first week went so fast but I had fun. I signed up for some clubs. My favorite is dance, sing, and salsa club.  Making new friends was my most favorite thing. I love my class; it is well thought out. I was shy at first, but when I got used to it I felt I was home. I love the orientation because it is how I got to know all of the mentors. I can’t believe it has been 2 full weeks here at UVM, and it feels that I am a part of something. This is my home now. My class is doing awesome; I have made lots of friends. It is so cool how I connect with them like the same things I have in common with them. That is how you can make friends. Like today I made a friend in class today. His name is Ben, and we are in the same class together.  He is really creative in a way. I know that winter ball is a long way, but I wanted to plan ahead. I asked him in a nice way, and he told me he has not been before.  Anyways he said yes he would like to go with me. We are going as friends only because I already have a boyfriend, so why not go to winter ball as friends. It would be less fun going without someone and being alone.

Sincerely, Champ

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