Maya Walker-Reich

maya-walker-reichMy name is Maya Walker-Reich from Brooklyn, NY, and I’m a junior studying Early Childhood Special Education, with a concentration in Human Development. Along with my passion for education and children, I love animals. I am the President of a club on campus called UVM Animal Rescue, which works with local animal rescue organizations to save animals that have been abandoned and abused. I live off-campus with my own rescue dog, and I’m hoping to one day have my own dog rescue. I just joined the Think College community this semester, and it is one of the best decisions I could have made at my time at UVM. I have already created such strong bonds with the students and mentors, and I have already learned so much through attending different courses, and participating in activities I wouldn’t normally participate in. I really enjoy Friday mornings with Think College, where a lot of students and mentors get together and study in the fishbowl, or play board games. I look forward to creating more memories with Think College!