Campus Life

On Thursday we had a Think College student meeting to discuss all the options that a college campus offers. Time in college is fleeting (goes by quickly) and the best way to avoid boredom is by pushing yourself to break routine! I have listed below all the new activities and places to explore!

Studying or Social Locations/Meeting Spots:
Waterman Cafe
Bailey Howe Cyber Café
Aiken Green Room
L/L Fireplace Lounge
SGA comfy chairs
Skinny Pancake
Billings Library
Davis Center:
game room
Henderson’s Café
4th floor fireplace lounge and comfy chairs

Places to visit:
Living Well
Massage chairs
Pop-in meditation/yoga classes
Therapy dogs
Check out the free things (pins, stickers, etc.)
William’s Art Museum
Fleming Museum
UVM Greenhouse
Royal Tyler Theater
UVM Horse Barn
Perkins Geology Museum

Dining options:
Skinny Pancake
Food trucks (practice using cash!)
Waterman Café
Redstone Market
Davis Center Marketplace
Given Bistro
Harvest Café at Hospital
Feel Good Food
Dining Halls (pay single fee)
Kampus Kitchen on Colchester Ave
Take the bus downtown!

Social/Recreational Activities:
Bocce (rent out at Davis center)
Play Pool
Foosball (in Brennan’s or by the pool tables)
Mad Libs
Coloring (print out adult coloring pages)
Make bracelets: learn how to make new designs!
Participate in Think College Intramural Sporting events
Visit the UVM Horse Barn
Photography Cooperative
Pottery Cooperative
Join a Student Club
Check the UVM Bored site to see if anything is going on!
Patrick Gym
Fitness center
Walk/run on track
Basketball (indoors and outdoors)
Rock wall/Boulder WallSwimming
Ice Skating
Dance party in multipurpose room
Frisbee (rent from DC)
Bike ride
Organize a sports game
Go on an outing club trip
Take a group fitness class

Burlington 101 (Explore the city!
)Practice taking the bus
Go to a coffee shop and do homework/relax
City Market
Burlington Public library
Take city bus to Barnes & Noble or University Mall
Check out the waterfront!
ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
Burlington City Arts

More to do…
Volunteer at Feel Good Food
Write something for the newspaper
Attend a lecture
Work on your electronic portfolio
Write in the Think College Blog
Watch a movie in the Bailey Howe library
Practice piano at the music hall
Help plan for Halloween/Holiday Parties