Happy New Year

Happy New Think College Vermont.
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Think College Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the University of Vermont, as we start the Fall semester on August 28, 2023.  We are excited to have new students and new mentors joining Think College. Welcome to Think College Vermont.  Let’s have a fun filled semester!

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A Day in the Life of a former peer-mentor in Think College Vermont

Look at what a Typical Tuesday looked like for this former student who was also a Think College Vermont Peer-Mentor.


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Congratulations to this year’s graduating class

A group photo after graduation

Think College Vermont had our Graduation in the Livak Ballroom at the Dudley H Davis Center on Saturday, May 13. We celebrated these five dedicated students who were excited for the opportunity to attend Think College VT.

Katharine Shepherd the Dean of the College of Education and Social Services (CESS) was at the graduation ceremony along with Jesse Suter the Director of Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI). On behalf of Think College we want to extend a huge thank you to Dean Shepherd and Jesse Suter for supporting this great program at UVM.

Congratulations to this year’s graduating class: Silas Callison, Olivia LaMothe, Sara McNally, Daeton Orton, and Sophia Robins. We wish you all the best as you enter the next chapter of your lives. It has been a pleasure being part of your journey here at Think College Vermont. 

Have a great summer!!

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Passed my Drivers Test

Sophia is the driver

Here is a picture of me in the driver’s seat. It was weird for me to be in the car by myself!

I went driving in my neighborhood. It was so much fun being by myself in the car!    

In high school, I took Driver’s Ed. We learned a lot of skills that we would use in real life driving. When I was done with high school I graduated and I went to Think College at UVM in Burlington. I took private diving lessons. I had some good teachers and some bad teachers. One of the teachers was good. That was before Covid. Then she retired from teaching. After that I did not have a good teacher. After a long time we found a different teacher. She was an amazing teacher who was so nice and patient with me and explained everything really well.

I took a lot of lessons with her and learned a lot of skills. 

On Monday, April 10, I had my road test. I was very nervous. I had to show a lot of skills on the road test. I had to show that I could handle the car carefully. I took my time and didn’t go fast.

I had to stop at the line at a red light. I  had to stop and start on the hill. I had to choose a place and show I could do parallel parking. Then I drove back. The tester told me I passed! I was so excited! I was surprised and in shock! I called my sister who was at work to tell her I passed.   My mom took me out to lunch. Then later in the evening we went to get an ice cream cake.

The next weekend I went home and went for a drive in my neighborhood!  

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What does a typical day look like for me at Think College as a student?

What a typical day looks like for me at Think College. Going to my classes, doing homework, hanging out with friends and hanging out with my mentors. From Katie Comerford-Joyce.

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Check out this Q & A blog post

What does self-advocacy mean to you as a college student? Self-advocacy means defending yourself and standing up. As a college student, this means you need to stand up in what you believe.  Such as changing your classes. 

Where is your favorite place to go on campus and tell us why? My favorite place to go is on the green in the spring because you can play games with your friends. It’s good to go for a walk on campus.

From Sophia Robins 

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Daeton Reflects on his semester

Daeton doing homework

What I have learned in my class: Art of The essay is how to formulate words and how to create creative essays which involve a topic of eco writing. Aside from this amazing class I have really gotten to enjoy getting out of my own comfort zone so I’m able to meet up with new people and get to try new opportunities which in the previous year I had not undertaken. I really enjoyed how positive I was and how I was able to use it to encourage the others of Think College students and mentors alike to help them succeed in their work and time on the campus. The other things I have vastly enjoyed is getting to do several games with the students in the fishbowl while also having a good daily dose of Feel Good which only helped to further brighten my day.

I feel that also I’ve changed more since the previous year. Like last year I had a good time but I feel like I really allowed myself to channel more positivity into this year and enjoying the new opportunities the campus had given me. Not to mention new friends too.

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Sara reflects on her semester

My semester is going great! I am taking The Art of the Essay and so far I am maintaining an A in the class! This feels really good to me. I’m also really enjoying mentor time and the events that go on in the Davis Center. I’ve won lots of prizes at the Davis Center giveaways, which I share with other Think college mentors and students. My biggest accomplishment this semester so far has been completing my lyric essay. I wrote on a topic I feel passionate about, being pro-choice on abortion.

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Sophia Reflects

My name is Sophia Robins. I am a Senior in the think college. I am doing an internship at many places for example. On Tuesday I am going downtown to my Fetch the Leash! Dog Behavior & Training. Last year I learned how to look at the bus schedule. I know how to use it and it is a good skill to have when you live on campus. On Monday and Wednesday, I will be going to walk dogs at the humane society. And I am doing a workout class.

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