Sophia Reflects

My name is Sophia Robins. I am a Senior in the think college. I am doing an internship at many places for example. On Tuesday I am going downtown to my Fetch the Leash! Dog Behavior & Training. Last year I learned how to look at the bus schedule. I know how to use it and it is a good skill to have when you live on campus. On Monday and Wednesday, I will be going to walk dogs at the humane society. And I am doing a workout class.

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Welcome to the University of Vermont, as we start the Fall semester on August 29, 2022.  We are eager to have new students and new mentors joining Think College. Welcome to Think College Vermont.  Let’s have a great semester!

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Congratulations to this year’s graduating class

people standing on a balcony in front a large window.
Think College Vermont students and mentors

Think College Vermont held its first in-person Graduation since the pandemic in the Grand Maple Ballroom at the Dudley H Davis Center on Saturday, May 14. We celebrated these eight dedicated students who were excited for the opportunity to attend Think College VT.

Katharine Shepherd Interim Dean of the College of Education and Social Services spoke to at the graduation along with Jesse Suter the Director of Center on Disability and Community Inclusion.

Congratulations to this year’s graduating class: Emily Scott, Erin Watson, Shania Elias, Chace Yunker, Justin McQuiston, David George Mackey, Thomas Caswell, and Bennett Townley. We wish you all the best as you enter the next chapter of your lives. It has been a pleasure being part of your journey here at Think College Vermont.

Have a great summer!!

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Daeton Reflects on his time at Think College Vermont

To be back at Think College was as exciting as to be starting it! Not only did I get to see old friends, but I made some new friends too! I’m very thankful for meeting people apart of Think College, not just in improving my year in this program, but also to widen my circle of friends. My class, written expression, couldn’t be more perfect either! If anyone is interested in the pursuit of writing, I would highly recommend it to others. The class has given me lots of opportunities to improve my own ability of writing and new ways I can incorporate into my daily life! 

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Shania Reflects on her Internship

I’m doing my internship at The Converse Home with seniors, and I also do activities with them like bingo or painting their nails. Shania’s favorite part of her internship is taking care of the seniors. She feels “it’s a great place and I love working there.  

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Valentine’s Day party

Photo Booth at Valentine’s Day party

Think College Vermont held its second in-person Valentine’s Day Party. Students and former student got to socialize with their peers, mentors and staff. We had fun games, good food and lots of fun.

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What have you been working on to improve your academic independence?

“I have been working on completing my school work for art history and have been reading out loud” from Sara McNally

“I have been doing some readings by myself at home when I’m not in school.” From Shania Elias

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Happy Holidays

Think College Vermont Students, peer mentors and the program staff celebrated the end of the semester at the second in-person Holiday party since the COVID-19 pandemic. We played games, had food, took photos at the photo booth and had fun. It was great to see many students and mentors at the Holiday Party. To view photos of the Holiday party click here!    

Happy Holidays!!

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Eva Reflects on her Semester

A person standing behind a dog
Having fun with a therapy dog

My name is Eva Edwards-Stoll this is my first year at Think college.The class that I chose for the first semester is Sociology Of Disasters. I chose this class because I was interested in disasters and how they affect communities. The most interesting disaster that I have studied this semester is Hurricane Katrina and the affect it had on children. Other things that I have done with my mentors are going to Henderson’s cafe for tea and coffee, going to a Halloween party, and hanging out with therapy dogs that are so cute and brighten my day! Next semester I’m hopefully going to take a history class and a yoga class. I have really loved the opportunity to be part of Think College and I love making new friends and hanging out in the fishbowl! 

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Quote of the day

“My experience at Think College Vermont has been amazing. I liked my class. I loved meeting new people and hanging out with my friends. I’m excited to go back next year.” By Shania Elias 

Being Social
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