Andrew Whiteford

andrewHi, my name is Andrew. I was born in Burlington, vt. That makes me a Vermonter. I grew up in Richmond, Vt. Richmond is an important place for me. There is a lot of sugar maple trees in Vt. I love maple syrup. I am 24 years old. I like to hang out with my parents, friends, and brothers at UVM and St. Michaels college. I like basketball and I play racquetball and football. I also like to bowl at spare time. Andy’s Dandy’s is my business. I make dog treats. I help dip and shape the dog treats. I also work at Richmond elementary school. I love to play with younger kids here. I am now a freshman at UVM. I am taking a class here called the History of Vermont. I love my teacher and friends in the class. I did a presentation on Middlebury, Vt in this class. That was exciting. I also love acting and theater. I am excited to try and do a beauty and the beast play with all the mentors and me in the spring.