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Sophia Gatison

Sophia Gatison grew up in North Haven, CT with her mother and two younger sisters.  She is currently a 3rd year at UVM pursuing a BA in psychology with a minor in sociology.

In her spare time, Sophia likes  spending time with her friends, watching movies, reading, listening to music and trying new things.  She loves learning.

My First Time on the News!!

Stirling, Amber and I playing foosball in front of the camera.

Thanks to being a part of such an awesome program like Think College Vermont, I got to see myself on T.V.!  I was so nervous that I would do something embarrassing but because of Stirling’s star quality, I knew that everyone would end up focusing on her and no one would notice if I made a mistake.  Plus, the fact that Amber and Kiersten would be in it helped a bit too.  All in all, it was a really fun and exciting experience and I was glad I got a chance to participate. 🙂   – Sophia

My Monday

Today, I went to work, which I had a typing job. I worked hard listing to my music to focus, which worked well. I told my mentors that I had a writing session because they didn’t know.  Somehow, it got left out of my schedule I remembered and filled them in.  I was being a great college student and was very proud of myself.

I was working with my exploration 5 for homework doing a great job with my writing partner Hannah trying to organize it today. Class went great; I was really involved in the discussion today.  We talked about our reading “The Threshold.”


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