Luke Lampugnale


My First Blog Ever

I am here in the Davis Center with Brittany where we are both working on writing our first ¬† ever blog posts! We’re both a little confused about what to write so we decided to write about our day and the semester so far. It has been a great semester for me and I have had a ton of new and exciting experiences. The¬†smiles and laughs I have shared with fellow members of the Think College community have topped all of the other experiences however. Today with Brittany was a great example of the “smiles and laughs” I have had in this program. We took advantage of the beautiful fall day and ventured down to Church St for some window shopping, which is always a great time. When we came back to campus we talked about our interests as we explored the UVM job fair (and got free candy). It’s been a great day, week, and semester and I am looking forward to what the rest of the semester has in store!