Peace and Justice Center: Internship Reflection

How did you choose to do an internship at the Peace and Justice Center?

I am personally part of a double minority who knows what it’s like to be marginalized. I remember visiting the store a few times and I right away found out about speaking up for the injustices in the world. I connected very well with their ideals so I thought it would be a good place to get some work experiences especially related to some of the things I was already doing with Green Mountain Self-Advocates. 

What were some of your goals and skills you wanted to learn going into your internship?

Knowing they run a store, I wanted to get some cash register and customer interaction experience. This is something I got to experience a little bit when I was working at Hammerfit.  

What did you learn at your internship? Was there anything new and exciting that you learned that you were not expecting?

There was so much I learned to do that I would have never expected such us making buttons that you can pin on your shirt and making sure what’s in the store is on the inventory system. 

What are the values of the Peace and Justice Center and how do those align well with your own values?

Racial Justice, Peacework, and Fair Trade. I’ve personally been part of the Black Student Union club as an ally and I know exactly what it’s like to be discriminated against because of part of who I am. Everything they sell comes from fair trade local vendors. They also host events and get the word out to people.

What are some things you share with another Think College student who is considering volunteering or doing an internship at the Peace and Justice Center?

It is definitely a challenge but those interested I believe would learn a lot from working there. It’s a lot more than just cleaning and working the cash register.

What was your favorite part about working at the Peace and Justice Center?

Interacting with the customers when they were checking out things in the store.

What are some valuable skills that you gained and will bring into your future careers?

There were a lot of work ethics I learned which at first was nerve racking but as soon I knew how to do it I became more confident.   By Thomas.

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