You can embed social media posts into your WordPress site. Embedding is really intuitive. Just select the Reusable Block for the social property you want to embed. WordPress will prompt you for a URL. Copy the URL that you want to embed, and paste it in when prompted.


Reusable Block Name: Twitter

Twitter,  wide width

Notes about Twitter: Twitter supports live feed.

Be aware that oversized images can disrupt the visual display. In this case, the border disappears and a vertical scroll bar shows up.

Twitter,  wide width

You Tube

Reusable Block Name: YouTube


Tube notes: As for the right way to embed YouTube videos: When it comes to Gutenberg, there is a YouTube embed block, so I believe that will be the right way. However, if you chose to embed YouTube video with the iframe option that is available on YouTube, you have control over when to start playing the video, whether you wanted to display the controls or not, so in some cases, this will be the better way. To add the iframe, you have to select the custom HTML block rather than the YouTube embed block.


Reusable Block Name: Vimeo


Reusable Block Name: Facebook

Your Brain on Exercise with Dr. David Tomasi

What happens in your brain when you exercise? In the face of the opioid crisis, new research suggests exercise is so effective at improving symptoms of mood disorders that it could reduce the need for pharmacological intervention alone.

Posted by University of Vermont on Friday, June 7, 2019

2,640 students from 44 states and 14 countries. Welcome to UVM, Class of 2023 πŸŽ‰ Let the new year begin.Pictured: twilight induction ceremony from above by Kelly Schulze, UVM Spatial Analysis Lab.

Posted by University of Vermont on Sunday, August 25, 2019


Reusable Block Name: Instagram

Instagram Notes: Instagram only allows you to embed individual posts, not the feed of a person.

Social Sharing

Reusable Block Name: Social__ Sharing Icons

To add social sharing icons to your site, click the [+] in either the upper left of the page you are editing and then search for “sharing”. Pick the one called c__sharing icons.


Linkedin does not support embeds in other sites. There used to be a few WordPress plugins allowing you to embed LinkedIn content, but none of them has been supported for a while – and this is because LinkedIn removed the support for this feature. Even building a new Gutenberg block won’t help to get around this issue, without LinkedIn API.

Other Embeds

WordPress supports many other embeds. Here is a screen grab of the Reusable Blocks/Embeds menu showing the different properties that you can embed from.

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