Creating a blog post

WordPress allows you to create content in either pages or posts. Posts are displayed in relation to the time they were created and are used for news oriented content, blogs and when you want to engage a discussion with your site visitors via comments.

How to make a post in WordPress

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate in the left menu to Posts.
  3. Go to Add New.
  4. Add your text and media content to your post with the the Gutenberg WordPress editor.
  5. Click Publish when you are done creating your post.

The post will appear on your news or blog landing page. For more details about creating a post and adding post content, please view the video below “Create a blog post”.

A note about the teasers on the blog landing page

The blog or news landing page is a running list of your blog posts presented in reverse chronological order (most recent will rise to the top). Posts differ from pages in that they get a time and date stamp, which informs the order in which they will display on your website. By default, the blog post content in the teasers on your blog landing page will show the entire blog post- but WordPress gives you a few ways to create shorter excerpts for your teasers. Check out the video below entitled Editing blog teaser summaries for more details about that.

The Create a blog post tutorial show how to make a post in Gutenberg WordPress. It also touches on: • Making decisions about having a right sidebar in your post • How to make or delete the right sidebar

• Adding a block quote
• Creating and assigning categories
• How to change the name of a category if you make a typo
• Modifying vertical spacing
• How to keep your text line length at a comfortable reading width

The Editing blog teaser summaries video shows how to define the teaser summary text for your blog posts.

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