Updates Log

Like everything, things change with WordPress. It’s inevitable. This page is where we communicate updates and changes that could impact how you do things with WordPress. Keep in mind that instructions noted here supersede instructions in the videos.

Change to where you access ready-made layouts

Important message for people working with WordPress.  

There has been a change with the Atomic Blocks plugin in WordPress which affects where you access library layouts. Throughout the instructional videos, we reference pre-designed “Layouts” accessed via the “Layouts” icon found at the top left of the admin area.  See the attached screen grab. 

This icon no longer appears in the top admin bar. To find it, click on the big “+” to access Gutenberg blocks and scroll all the way to the bottom.  You will find the Layouts icon there. 

The Atomic Blocks plugin that provides this Layout functionality has been deprecated. We are working closely with ETS on this and what this means for UVM’s WordPress sites going forward.  

We are sending this to a few lists so apologies if you are receiving this multiple times. We want to make sure our WordPress user base gets this message. 

Thank you. 

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