How to make a news / blog landing or home page

WordPress allows you to create a news landing page with teaser blocks for all your news or blog posts. We’ve customized this page in the UVM WordPress theme. Here’s how to incorporate a news landing page into your website.

Once you have a few blog or news posts made, you need to make some decisions about where and how they are displayed. WordPress sites typically have a news landing page showing headlines from different news stories on your site with summary text and a thumbnail images. These are called news “teasers”. This page can be a landing page on your website or can be elevated to be the home page of your site.

How to implement your news landing page

Before you add your blog post / news post landing page to your menu, decide where your want it to go. Is it going to be your home page? Or, is it going to be an interior landing page for all of your news?

Neither way is correct- the placement of this page on your site depends on how you are using the news/blog post content and how important it is to the purpose of your website. Some UVM WordPress sites use the news teasers to report research results and the entire purpose of their site is to report on research. In this case, having the news landing page (in this case, research news overview page) be the home page could make sense.

Your choice. Here’s how to implement.

static home page with news landing on an interior page

Static home page with news landing as an interior page

First, go to Settings/Reading in the dashboard. Select “A Static Page” for your home page.

To define where you want your news landing page to be, just pick your desired page for this content from the drop down menu next to “Posts Page”. Your post teasers will appear on that page, providing a landing page for all your posts.

set home page to latest Posts

News landing as your home page

If you want to lead with your post teasers on the home page, go to Settings/Reading in the dashboard. Select the radio button “Your latest posts” for your home page.

That will make a news teaser landing page as your home page.

Need help creating your navigation menu?

You’ll need to create a navigation menu for your site so your visitors can find your content and navigate between your pages, posts and sections on your site. WP Beginner has a good video tutorial and article about this.

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