April 4, 2014 and more

Yo what’s up? On April 4th my friends and I want to visit a day care and it was a lot of fun and I didn’t want to go back to school and I am hoping to work with the kids for the fall and maybe take a class too. I might have two jobs well right now I have a job at McDonald’s at the U-mall I have not yet started but I will soon I hope. The another job that I apply to is DD and I am waiting on a phone call now and I hope that I have the job and I am going to be very happy if I have the job. I can’t wait for the summer I am going to work a lot for the whole summer and maybe go and visit family and my fiancé in South Carolina and my family in North Carolina. CLASS IS NO FUN AT ALL I CANT WAIT FOR SUMMER TO AHVE FUN WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND PLUS WORK ALL SUMMER LONG AND SEE FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND MY FIANCE.

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McDonald’s job interview

I had an job interview yesterday at McDonald’s in the u-mall and I will know tomorrow if I have the job and I hope that I do. If I got the job I am going to be working 4 to 5 hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 8 hours Saturday and Sunday and I have a lot of things to save for and I wish that today is Friday but it is not Friday at all and I will let everyone know if I have the job at McDonald’s





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I can’t believe its that this semester is Almost over wow right now I’m hanging with my friends Lucy ,mat ,cora gabby,Meghan. They are awesome to be with I don’t have a favorite mentor because that would ranking. Cassie here. Is. So cool I love think college i would tell everybody abut it . My boyfriend is thinking about it.

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hanging out with friends

i am hanging out with my best friend at the davis center and today i am happy and i dont know why that i am happy. i am sad at the same time because i am missing my family and i am hoping to go to north carolina to see all of my family yea.


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Backpack broken and Summer vacation ideas

my backpack is broken and i am not happy about that and i don’t know what i am going to do about it at all and i am hoping that someone have ideas for me and if anyone have an idea for me please tell thanks.

today i am hanging out with sophia and i am happy that i am with her today she is the best mentor ever and i like her a lot and when the summer comes i am going to miss her so much and i am hoping that everyone is going to have a fun summer vacation when it comes around and i might be going to South Carolina to be with my Fiancé for the summer and i can’t wait for that to happened and i am hoping to be gone the whole summer and i am going to be happy if he comes back to vermont or if i go to see him in South Carolina and i am not sure what is going to happened if he is going to come here or if i am going to him. i am hoping to see some of my friends this summer before i go to South Carolina. I AM HOPING THAT I WILL BE IN SOUTH CAROLINA FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER AND I WILL BE BACK IN TIME FOR SCHOOL IN THE FALL. LOL


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Stay adventurous!

Hi All,

I have found it hard to stay up to date with the blog, my apologies! Even though this is my next to last semester, I have found so many new things to do on campus. I’m improving my pool skills, and just a few weeks ago visited the Living Well studio for a meditation session. Are there any new or adventurous activities you have found enjoyable around campus? Or places? I’d love to hear about them, as I’m always willing to try something new.



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just get out of class and i am going home soon and i am happy about that. I am hoping to fine out what my grade is for my exam and i still dont know what it is yet. so far i have all a’s and b’s on my assignments



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Think College Dissemination Coordinator Fun

I’m very excited to be the new Think College Dissemination Coordinator and I really like this job. I get to do something that I love to do and that happens to be using social media because I find it be a lot of fun.  Another thing I love to do is filmmaking and making really great qulaity videos. This is why I am so excited to be working with Think College staff and it’s so much fun. 

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hangout with friends and the gym

I want to the gym in the morning and I was there for like one hour and I had a lot of fun and I cant wait to go again after school. I was hanging out with some of my friends today and it was fun and I am sad that we are going to be on break for one week but its okay I will see my friends after break and I cant wait at all. I wish that I am on campus more so I can go to the gym. the gym is a lot of fun and I wish that I was at the gym right now but I am going right after school today after I have a meeting with some friends. I am going to miss all of my friends when I am on break and I know that I am going to have a lot of fun and I cant wait to go back to school after break and tell my friends about what I did over the break.


I love college and all of my friends and mentors that I get to hang out with and it is so cool that I am in college because ever since I was 8 I wanted to be in college and now my wish came true and I am very happy and I hope to be a teacher for little kids.



love keshia now going by Lucy

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Disability Awareness Day-Press Conference

The Disability Awareness Day was hosted by the Vermont Coalition For Disability Rights at the State House in Montpelier, Vermont.  This wonderful event happened last Wednesday and it’s all about self advocacy.  During the day the self advocates and many others had a chance to talk to their legislators about barriers they face and what is important to them.  Some of the main topics during the day were: housing, funding for healthcare, education and employment.  These are some important topics for people with disabilities, and also for self advocates.

During mid morning there was a press conference about employment and raising minimum wage. This years keynote speaker was Chester A Finn who is from Albany, New York.  He was appointed by President Obama in 2010 to be on the National Council on Disability. Chester is blind and has a developmental disability.  He was the first speaker at the press conference followed by Dr. Bryan Dague.


Disability awareness day 9

Dr. Bryan Dague works at the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at the University of Vermont. He talked about supported employment and  finding the right job match for everyone.  For example,  Bryan helped me to find two internships that matched my interests and hobbies.

Disability awareness day 29


The beach party

The beach party







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