Rainy day

I love think college it has been given me good opportunityies to be involved in clubs that I like. I love the club I’m in now the water tower the UVM news paper my next issue is going to be about people not wearing helmets. Now that is a good topic to talk about because I care a lot about UVM Student safety I’m just a careful person in think college I always look around to other people for topics to write about and also I’m writing my own book calld Aprill audiobyology . Thanks for your time to read this I got a nick name from Matt Saunders he calls me Kelly clarkson because of my blond hair is short like hers.

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My experiencees at UVM

Hello again this is April my experiencee here at UVM has been fun like going to classes and exploring around the UVM campus I like my entership I have two of them at the BCA center and at the memorial auditorium helping with parents and kids doing arts and crafts and clay. yes it is time for me to say bye to UVM because I’m a senior going to graduate soon in May 15 I loved all the mentors here at think college I would recemnden it to the people who needs help I will let you know i am completely done the program. I still have 7 more months to stay here at think college and explore . I will blog again tomarrow at school when I’m free. Bye .

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My First Staff Meeting

I was asked to do a presentation about a project I was working on called the “Life History Project.” The director of CDCI wanted me to present this at the CDCI staff meeting on September, 10th.  The first thing I did was write a speech about who I was and what I did for the Life History Project.  I practiced the speech a few times because I wanted it to be good.  I chose to play one of the videos for two minutes during my presentation, so the staff could see what I did.  I did all of this preparing because I wanted to have a great presentation.

I went to my first CDCI staff meeting as the Think College Dissemination Coordinator.  As I arrived at the staff meeting and that is where I felt a little nervous.  The first thing I did was mingle with the other staff members before the meeting started. The first presentation was about teamwork and that was great.  I learned how to be a better team member and that made me think about my role in the Think College office. For example, if I get resources I can share it with my team members in the Think College office.

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Hard to wake up

Hey today I hard to wake up today because it dark and gloomy day and today is 9/11 I had a moment of silence with skylar this morning I thinks it’s awesome that skylar is going to interview me for her class issues affecting persons with disabilities she going to talk to her etcher about changing her subject. I love UVM because it’s awesome college to be in I’m so blessed to be here and making new friends it’s fun it would more awesome if I had Lenerd benson for a mentor. Because he. Will keep in. In focus in class.

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Hip hop

Hey I was going to post this but I did not save it so I am posting it right now hip hop for me yesterday was awesome and fun I got to know the classmates and the instructor her name is lois trembly she is so talented she is the best I like the warm ups but hip hop is hard and intense because there is a lot of physical work in the dance I’m sore of it. But it’s worth it to reach my dream my dream is to be a back up dancer for my favourite singers. Like. Blake Shelton, Beyoncé , maroon 5 etc this class will help me to expand my dance movements my instructor told me that when I go in circles. When I dance that it would be my famous move
See yah
Kelly Clarkson out
My real name is April hartley

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My First Presentation as The New Think College Staff

As part of my job at Think College I got the opportunity to attend my first  mentor orientation as the new employee of Think College.  I was asked to do a presentation at the  orientation and I was excited to do it.   During the orientation I gave a presentation on the Social Media we use at Think College and demonstrated one of them on the LCD screen.  I  talked about Pinterest and that is where I demonstrated how to use this particular site.  During my presentation I felt comfortable and totally confident for doing a great job on my presentation.  This gave me a chance to see myself grow as the new employee of Think College and this can help me improve on my presentation skills for the future.

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The Power of Resources

There is a textbook called “30 Ways to Shine As a New Employee,” and it’s also a guide to success in the workplace.  I decided to start using this textbook for my new job as the Think College Dissemination Assistant.  I found four skills I can apply to my job, so I’m taking notes and observations in a notebook. The four skills are the following: Benefiting From Praise and Criticism, Choosing To Think Positive, Breaking  Bad Habits Of The Mind and Clarifying Performance Goals. These skills take time to develop, but if I keep on it they get easier.  I wanted to use  this textbook for my job and I knew I wanted to choose four specific skills to focus on.

The first skill I’ve been focusing on is Clarifying Performance goals, so I can understand what I’m supposed to be working on for my job.  For example, one of my work goals is to check on all social media sites for Think College and to make posts on them.  This particular work goal is making me write down the amount of views we get on each of them. I’ll keep everyone updated about my progress in the textbook.

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What was positive about my day at Work

1. I have been working on a video for 3 months and the video is called Think College-The Road Less Traveled. This video is about the campus life and what’s it like being a real college student. I went around to all of the students and Mentors and interviewed them about campus life and what’s it like being a real college student.  I will keep everyone in the loop

2. The next thing is I’m grateful for my mentor

3. Feeling good about myself and having a great day.

4. Helping out a friend by sending an e mail about the Career Center schedule.




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Thank You

This weekend I will finally get my Professional certificate after two years in the Think College Program at UVM.  I’m very excited to hold my very first professional certificate and I know it’s going to be emotional for me.  This is going to be a bitter sweet moment and it’s going to be fun.

I want to say thank you to Bryan for all of you amazing support and friendship throughout these past two years.  Thank you for taking a chance on me for the Think College Program. Thank You Bryan Dague.


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About the school year

I meat a lot of people and i had a lot of fun and i am going to miss all the people that i meant and i am going to miss the mentors the most and i hope that the mentors that are leaving the college is going to have a great summer and i hope that they still email me and i will email them right away when i have the time to. I am going to miss all the teachers that i have so far and i cant wait to leave the college next year and i hope that everyone is going to have a lot of fun this summer and that no one is going to be sad that the summer is so near this and plus we will be back in the fall and that is not to far away and i hope that people do something for the summer and not stay inside the house like go biking or walking and swimming or something to make the time of the summer go faster. My year at college is very good and i am hoping that i will be able to still in college for the next year but i dont know yet if i am going to still in college yet.

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