Notes on configuring Samsung SNO-6084R

I was drafted to purchase and configure yet another IP Network Camera to document the STEM building project. I chose the Samsung SNO-6084R for $750 from B&H Photo.

Samsung web site hosts a PDF version of the User Manual. At 138 pages, one would think it might mention something about rtsp streaming. It does not, so I am writing these notes for posterity.

I pointed my browser at . I was asked to log in. I used default user ‘xxxxx’ and password ‘eye’ . Then I was asked to download and install a special camera plugin. I did so, restarted my browser, went back to above address, where I was presented with the iPOLiS Network Camera WebViewer.
First thing I did was go to Setup=>System=>User and reset password to zzzzzzZ (case sensitive)
The documentation said nothing about the rtsp URL needed to access to H.264 live video stream. Google found this reference:
which suggested
So I dropped this address into VLC Player

and it asked me for  a username and password. Oh, bother. I entered the admin username and password defined above, and it worked!

But I didn’t want to put the admin user and password into Wowza . Poking around the camera settings, I found “enable RTSP connection without authentication.” Good. so rtsp:// worked sans password in VLC Player.
Then I gave that address to Wowza. Tried to look at via a web page. Video was all black all the time.
After much googling, I discovered that by default, the rtsp stream address returned a Motion-JPEG stream. VLC player confirmed this. Wowza needed an H.264 stream. Here the documentation gave a hint, and intuition provided the rest. In a nutshell, I needed to create a video profile via Setup=>Video & Audio=>Video Profile. Named it uvm, set Codec to H.264. Then back to  Setup=>System=>User . UNChecked “enable RTSP connection without authentication.” Created a new user ‘xxx’ and password ’Zzzz’, and set this user’s profile to all. My final address then:

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