Construction Webcam

Lauck Parke and others approached me about installing a webcam to watch the construction near Living/Leanring. Kim parker purchased and configured an Axis 2100 network camera. I cleaned up a few items in the configuration

On Dec 6, 2004, at 9:10 AM, Kim Parker wrote:

Thanks, Wesley. I’ve checked my settings but still am not getting the desired results.

I looked at the "Support" section to see the server log. Messages in log to the effect that it could not find server So I checked network settings, saw that no DNS servers were defined. I added and (I would have thought the camera would obtain these from DHCP… I must not think bad thoughts) This allowed camera to find chipmunk, now log showed a login error.

 I tried to login to chipmunk using account concam : worked for ssh, but not for ftp. Apparently TSG neglected to add "concam" to the list of allowed ftp users on chipmunk. In the meantime I looked at the network settings again, and said — hmmmm I would have thought the camera would obtain the DNS servers from DHCP… I must not think bad thoughts. I saw that the DHCP checkbox was unchecked and the bootp box was checked. I thought bad thoughts, and said that’s not right, deleted the DNS server info, checked the DHCP box, configured the SMTP and notification parameters to email, and restarted the camera

And of course, there is no longer a camera at, nor anywhere else I can find on subnet xxx.

Whoops. Sorry.

So I had Kim use the Axis utility to put the camera back where it was in NetworkLand. Then I needed to edit the nph-client.cgi script on chipmunk to stream the uploaded image, and create a cron job that would archive the current image every 10 minutes Final results? See and http://

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