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Landscape Change Project

back in the saddle. Added a fulltext index to database table: create fulltext index gclp_full_text on VTLANDSCAPEDB (FILENAME,OriginalFileName,Title, KEYWORDCAT, LONGDESC, TOWN, COUNTY, PHOTOSOURCE, PHOTOGRAPHER,MEDIA, title_alternative, identifier_citation, identifier_other, publisher);Which allows stuff like this select FILENAME,Title,LONGDESC,TOWN from VTLANDSCAPEDB where match (FILENAME, OriginalFileName, … Continue reading

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Lab Redux

Regenerated clean lab images for Art and CMD  with all latest Mac and Adobe updates, tested with all scanners. Fixed a nefarious problem with qmasterd, where the Apple Qmaster Daemon would not start because of a mysterious /Libary/StartUpItems/Qmaster/.disabled file that … Continue reading

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Landscape Change Project: meeting

Me, Paul, Emily, ben: project directions

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