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This started with an email from Luke Donforth

This summer, construction will begin on the UVM’s new STEM complex.
We’re interested in offering a live video-stream of the construction
site on our webpage.

We bought a Foscam F19805P and goe it up and running. We’ve succeeded
in remotely accessing an image in real-time; but it doesn’t seem to
have a native way of live-streaming without downloading their app and
logging in.

You should be able to access the webcam at
you’ll have to download their app, and then log in

It seems like it should be possible to pipe the image from the camera
into a live-feed that doesn’t require their app.

Followed shortly On 1/18/2015 3:40 PM, when Michelle Smith wrote:

I have been tasked with coordinating the STEM project website for the duration of the construction phase(s). Bob and I have had discussions with Kerry, and also with Jeff Wakefield in University Communications, about the Provost’s desire to create a webpage to highlight the STEM project throughout the construction phase. We understand that the webpage should include a live-video stream, as well as an up-to-date time-lapse video, and appropriate narrative and architectural graphics to showcase the project.

Two institutional examples that we anticipate emulating are the University of Delaware, and the University of Kentucky. The first link below will take you to the University of Delaware website for the ISElab (Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Lab).  Once there, you can view the video which is one of the choices shown below the main viewing screen.  This site was developed to utilize for donations and naming opportunities for their building.

This second link (below) is a multiple camera website at the University of Kentucky showing real-time photos of four different projects in construction with the ability to watch a time lapse video of the construction from beginning of construction up to now, along with the ability to use a calendar to see a photo history by the day.  This is one of the best websites of its kind that we have seen. Early next week I will contact my colleagues at the respective universities to discuss their planning methods for establishing the websites, as well as the expense to create and maintain them.

Regarding the STEM project, Luke Donforth and David Hammond in the Physics department contacted Capital Planning and Management this past week as the Physics department is also interested in offering a live video-stream of the STEM construction site. As Dennis mentions below, the Physics department has purchased a camera, a Foscam F19805P, and have tested it outside on the south end of the 4th floor of the Cook building.  The location provides a good view of the construction area, and the camera provides a high quality image. 

On Tuesday I met with Luke, David, and Wes Wright, from the Center for Teaching and Learning, who was involved in setting up the construction camera for the Davis Center project. Wes worked last week to set up remote access (off-campus) to the Physics department camera. He has also explored the top three options for servers/connections to enable the live video-stream to be available on the UVM website. “Wowza” ( is the option we are currently considering using for the STEM project, as it is utilizes the most modern communication protocols, as well as offers academic pricing for a Wowza server perpetual license, plus 3 years support. You can currently view the live stream at the following website, which is Wes’. He hosted it on his page in order to adjust the off-campus access.

I anticipate continuing to work with Wes, Kerry, and Jeff Wakefield in the immediate future to create the layout of the University STEM project website, and to refine the content. We will maintain communication with the Physics department, and expect to utilize the camera that is currently streaming live video of the laboratory building project site. I also anticipate that we will install at least one additional camera from either Williams Hall, or perhaps Lafayette, to provide additional perspective, and also to capture the Chiller Plant Expansion project as well.


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