STEM Camera Server

The camera purchased by Physics to track the STEM project, much like all Security Cameras, pumps out video as a multi-part JPEG (real old school) or RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol, almost as old), to which modern browsers say, “What?”

The current best-practice seems to be setup an Adobe Media Server or equivalent. These products grab the RTSP stream from the camera and reformats it to RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) and/or HTTP streaming . Both RTMP and HTTP streaming are well understood by jwplayer, providing video on on the whole gamut of desktop and handheld devices.

Streaming Server Choices:

After bashing my head against the wall for a day or two crying to make Red5 go, I went for the equivalent Wowza Streaming Engine. Installed free trial, resulting in this fine moving image:

Negotiations with ETS/SAA ended with them purchasing a perpetual license with 3 years support ($1696.75)

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