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September Activity Report

Prepared September activity report

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Podcasting for T Fox

Met with Timothy Fox to discuss his Movable Type blog, an enhanced Podcast file, and publixhing podcats to iTunes.

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Jax for Macs called me about a goofy "petition" script he was trying to install at to support on on-line petition drive. He downloaded Download Jax Petitionbook from Jax Petitionbook (GPL)* , which is a badly hacked version of Jax Guestbook … Continue reading

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Dspace woes

Keeps dying with a "Too many open files" message Seems related to high number of simultaneous page views, perhaps from a robot? Experimenting with robots.txt, enabled access_log, need to watch logs and patterns dspace-tech list has been no help.

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Subtitled Italian Videos

Cristina wants her advanced italian class to subtitle a video. Her sample video, however,  was ripped from DVD using VLC player and compressed with DivX codec, which isn’t installed in LRC lab. So there has been some back-and-forth between her … Continue reading

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Streaming Video for L Izzo

Lou Izzo wante dto know about stremaing vide, both live and archived. I went over to the CTL, set up one DV camera with RealProducer, and other with QuickTime broadcaster. Put the cameras next to each other to get roughly … Continue reading

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Tina Escaja wrote  I am currently working on bringing three Spanish visual artists from London and Spain next Spring to the L/L Gallery. I am going to collaborate to the project by placing around the wall of the Gallery a … Continue reading

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Art Lab Update

Tom Brennan passed along a number of Art Lab Issues PhotoShop, File Menu, Browse: supposed to open a file browser (now implimented as a separate application called Adobe Bridge). Adobe Photoshop returns the error, "Error 2: photoshop is undefined. Line … Continue reading

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More broken Landscape code

I’m preparing to write a script to extract data from the LCP data base for ingestion into Dspace. While looking at the raw contents of the database using CocoaSQL, I noticed a bunch of records from the last few days, … Continue reading

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XEROX 7700 printing and other issue in art lab

Jane Petrillo was having issues printing to the Art lab 7700 printer. It worked fine for us when we me, of course — once we put paper in. I suggested the problem probably was a "Stopped Printer" condition on the … Continue reading

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