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Free Books from my Bookshelf

Math, physics, computer science. And a signed copy of  The Art of Computer Programming Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms (Donald E.Knuth).   Free for the taking, available only in Lafayette 407

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ffmpeg barfs on .AVI file

Entered on 08/31/2017 at 10:54 by Hi Wesley, I’ve uploaded 2 movies to the server, which are not going through. 1 is an avi file, the other a mp4 file. Are there issues with the server? Issues with ffmpeg. Exploratory … Continue reading

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YoUVM admin tool: move ownership

Figured out how to move ownership of a video from NetID1 to NetID2. Added it to Admin Panel => browse Videos => popup menu ‘Move’ Still some clean-up work to do before sending to production  

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Been a long time gone

Last post way back in May. Surely I’ve done something since then. Early May to June… announced my retirement prepared a list of streaming server users prepared a list of adjunct faculty Ticket from Sara Solnick. There is — or was, or may … Continue reading

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