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Tina implores:
I haven’t done anything about the lunas project and it feels sad. I don’t want to give up on the project, and I wonder if there is any way for you to do something that we discussed at some point: redirect the already existing interface that show the videos of the testimonies, to the main page, here:
This will result in a very dynamic approach, will also inspire people to participate and check testimonies, and would allow for the project to be self-managed. Design is not an issue at this point. I hope this is not too complicated. This alone will relaunch the project and take it to new heights! 

Well, of course it was complicated. The “already existing interface that show the videos” was broken and didn’t work with the latest jwplayer, and its visual design was suboptimal. Also, it was bound to, but needed to display on

Finally, legitimate need for iframes.

Many of the videos were just test recordings made by me or Tina, had to clean up and reorganize. A few were in .flv format, having somehow escaped the post upload step that invoked transcodng to mp4 via ffmpeg, and still others were missing poster frames which should have resulted from that same step. Had to dig through notes and old blog posts to find how I was using ffmpeg to post process.

Here’s the working model


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