Television display in Votey hallway

Tim Raymond asked me:

We’ve been asked to periodically show some movies on our hallway
display so it might be something like 30 minutes of the existing web
pages, then show a 3 minute movie then another 30 minutes of the web
pages, etc.  Any thoughts on the parts necessary to make this work?  The
Pi uses H.264 well, not so well on other formats.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a TV via HDMI cable. The y are using it as a digital sign driven by a web browser and website Code was originally developed by University of Nevada, Reno, and ported for use at UVM September, 2006 by some former ETS staffer now reportedly living in a stone hut on the backside of Mount Ellen. Project was aimed at screens in the Davis Center and Billings. Screen still existent in Billings, occasionally turned on for kicks, powered by old Mac Mini. Russ McDonald modified it for Admissions use.


For Tim,  whipped up this:

meta refresh in index.php altered to call movie display page:

movie display page has meta refresh, too, back to index.php

print “”;

movies.php has an array of movie names, array of movie durations (in seconds). Movies displayed by Javascript/HTML5/Flash player:

all movies, javascripts can live anywhere, depending on how you want to code it. I put mine in the same folder as all the other TV code.

Of course, this all falls apart if the Pi browser (Chrome) doesn’t do HTML5 . They  might have to do something ugly like launching a a CLI video player via ‘at’ or ‘cron’

Never did hear back if it worked

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