Marcia pleads:

The people at the MHF are asking for a few changes to their website and since I’m not familiar with PHP, I wondered if you might be able to help me out or refer me to someone who can help.

On the following page:

When the individual year is selected from the drop down menu and the Submit button is hit, the page stays on the Stallions (Breeding Service) page, but when View All is selected, all the Stallions appear, but the page changes to Sale Horses.  They would like to remain on the Stallions (Breeding Service) page when View All is selected.Apparently, many of the Stallions are for breeding services only and not for sale, but on the following linked page, when All is selected from the drop down menu and then View All, all the horses show up (makes sense, since there is no distinction between stallions for sale and stallions for breeding purposes only).

For the time being, a quick fix might be to remove the All from Step 1: Choose Horse Type

I also find the Sale Horses page a little confusing (and maybe others viewing it do, too), when I initially click on Broodmares on the Step 1: Choose Horse Type drop down list and hit submit, then Select Year shows up and I can select the year or View All (this is fine), but then if I want to select Performance Prospects and View All, the page reverts back to Broodmares.  I know it is because I must select Performance Prospects from the drop down (Step 1), then hit Submit and then do Step 2: Choose Year/Submit or View All, but if our viewers are anything like me, they want to just hit Performance Prospects and View All and it is frustrating until you realize you have to hit Submit after choosing your horse type.

I will be happy to sit down with you and chat about the site, or if you find it easier to do it on your own time, that is fine, too.  I’ve cc’d Marin Melchior, Office Manager at MHF, in case she wants to chime in or clarify further.


Marcia J. Purvis
Communications Coordinator
University of Vermont
Dept. of Animal Science

I worked my magic, and some hours later, said “Try it now.” She did, and wrote back:
You are a genius!  Thanks so much.
as did Marin…

Wes, computer ‘god’… are we worthy? J  ((oh no, we are NOT worthy!))

Apparently so, as you fixed it for us…

Thank you VERY much!!

Marin J. Melchior
UVM Morgan Horse Farm

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