EDUCAUSE 2013 Takeaways

EDUCAUSE Takeaways

Analytics is the use of data, statistical and quantitative methods, and explanatory and predictive models to allow organizations and individuals to gain insights into and act on complex issues. The use of digital tools, especially LMSs and SISs can create mounds of digital data that could be mined for discovering trends or predicting outcomes. Examples
Marist College is developing a predictive model using SIS (banner) and Sakai (LMS) to deliver intervention notices to identify students unlikely to pass a course. Model built using grade book data across a broad set of courses. They built their own system out of mostly OpenSource tools. They found most powerful predictor to be GPA
U of California Chico built system from server log files and Excel, tableau, stata, spss. Looked at one large(373 students) course. Predicting both outcomes and impact of course redesign.They found LMS usage best predictor

Learning Management System Usage Variables

Total LMS course website hits
Total LMS course dwell time
Administrative tool website hits
Assessment tool website hits
Content tool website hits
Engagement tool website hits
University of Kentucky. Use fancy “appliance” from SAP to look at data in near realtime, push out admin reports to admins and “how am i doing” reports to students via mobile App. Academic advisers get iPad app that compiles advisees data 
South Orange County Community College District “Sherpa” mobile app, is a recommendation engine like Netflix or Amazon, helps students choose courses , services, information
Coppin State University implemented recently Blackboard Analytics for Learn, providing a slew of dashboards for Deans, Chairs, faculty and students. Mesa community college has taken it one step further, using Blackboard Analytics Cadillac product that ingests SIS data
University of Maryland, Baltimore County using  Blackboard Analytics for Learn, explore the LMS in much finer detail and assess the impact of faculty course redesign training. This is the sort of thing CTL could benefit from
Barriers: Analytics are hard. Sherpa people called in 3 outside mathematicians to help model. Kentucky hired 3 PhDs. Analytics require buy-in — many presenters were CIOs, Vice this or that; provosts and presidents
Other Stuff
Usual proclamations that education must change to meet a new culture radically altered by technology (Keynote Sir Ken Robinson)
Online learning has radically challenged the traditional institution which must react nimbly despite economic pressures. This has increased the need for strong and engaged CIOs. IF yours is not, you are doomed (Speeding Up on Curves Bradley Wheeler Vice President for IT and CIO Indiana University WINNER: 2013 EDUCAUSE Leadership Award)
Massive online Game play teases the emotions, fosters cooperation and generally creates a state of being online learning cannot match. Education can learn a lot from game developers

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