NERCOMP Webinar: Remote Control: How to Engage, Educate and Entertain Your Webinar Audience Monday, 09/30/2013 at 01:00 pm

The recording for yesterday’s session is now ready for you to view:

password: nercompvw

My notes:


webinars are the future of presenting

audience size,cost,reach,staffing, longevity, connectivity
challenges detached from audience, uncontrolled environment, new tools, verbal only, no grounding feedback
play the webinar game your way (like football).Winning = info delivered, interaction created, questions asked, feedback,actions taken
Speaker tools audio video slides music
Audience chat, hands
HOST – focused on delivering content
cohost – like on tv , sports metaphor, host/guest, comedy team
scout — manges comments, questions,
IT manager – fixit
audience — position (title, org, job desc), style (expertise, attention span) how do they see you? as your sponsor (UVM). as a (welcome) intruder, disembodied voice, uncertain expectations, soft commitment (they can walk away). what makes them cheer 4 u? Strength, warmth.
Break for questions
Wesley Wright UVM: why aren’t you using webcam?
Wesley Wright UVM: when should or shouldn’t

Answer : depends. Use technology you need, mindful of complexity. most times, no need

pre-game practicer practice. set up a studio audience. warm up and calm down stand up smile welcome attendees thanks for coming, small talk questions
kickoff grand entrance -> give thanks, ask teaser question, state “after this webinar you will know …” instruct them to remove distractions, take notes, and one fun thing
The core claim. All slides lead to this
half time questions reduce anxiety, facilitate content, help you understand audience
end game inspire and retire ; take questions, final announcements big finish sum up
audience questions. make them feel smart. have a back pocket ice breaker; pause and think. don’t know? ask audience


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