Mixing UVM and non-UVM passwords

Entered on 09/19/2013 at 14:02:35 EDT (GMT-0400) by Bob Erickson

I am working on a web site project that will require users to log in, we need to restrict this to uvm faculty and students which is easily done with uvm authentication in an htaccess file.

however we need to allow 6 or more non uvm people access. i looked into the temporary wireless guest accounts but those do not work with uvm authentication. I did not find any reference online about just getting temporary uvm accounts. Does any have any thoughts on the matter?

Entered on 09/19/2013 at 14:03:46 EDT (GMT-0400) by Wesley Wright:

Can’t use or without an error 502. works

Can’t link


Apache sees through that, knows they are the same thing, and defaults to the original when choosing directive

Don’t want ErrorDocument 403 — failed authentication generates error 401 . ErrorDocument 401 is tricky. Send it to a php file with header(“Location: blahblah”) and error 401 goes there without  asking for Basic Credentials . Send it to /~waw/UVM_ONLY, get “Additionally, a 302 Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Tried a lot of stuff that didn’t work, came up with this

mkdir UVM_ONLY
mkdir NOT_UVM
mkdir UVM_ONLY/shared
put content in shared
ln -s ../UVM_ONLY/shared

Put this in NOT_UVM/.htaccess

AuthType Basic
AuthName “Guest Access”
AuthUserFile /users/w/a/waw/ht_password_file_mysql_admin
require valid-user
order deny,allow
ErrorDocument 401 /~waw/uvm_only.html

Put this in UVM_ONLY/.htaccess

AuthType WebAuth
require valid-user
satisfy any
order allow,deny

put this in /~waw/uvm_only.html

Click  here to access site with UVM NetID

Now go here:


USe name:dog pass:cat, you’re in

Else click cancel,click here, use UVM auth, you’re in

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