Enabling "Protected Content" on real.uvm.edu

Step 1: read help files

Step 2: ignore big parts of what was read

The manual says you need to

  1. define a new mount point THAT IS NOT IN CURRENT Content mount point directory (nope)
  2. Define a new database, if needed (not)
  3. create a new realm associated with said database (apparently true, defined SecureUVM)
  4. add users and passwords to the realm (waw, soc101)
  5. create a new commerce rule referencing the mount point and realm (uvmsoc101)

Here’s a screenshot of the final commerce rule:
screen shot of realserver admin commerce rule page

Turns out you can specify any subdirectory of the "Content" mount point (which we define as /usr/local/video/realserver/videos) as a protected path — which is exactly what I wanted. The Do Not Evaluate Permissions piece means " all authenticated users have unlimited access to content protected by the commerce rule," so you don’t need to specify individual URLs. Real is the SecureUVM realm previously defined (into which we will add other class accounts, if necessary). Yes, since there will be but one class account per class, shared by every student in the class, we need to allow Duplicate User IDs. And that’s all there is to it.

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