CT_cal.pl gets noticed by others

People are showing interest in my calendar scripts.

CT_Cal.pl is a perl script. It uses a perl module I developed called Capi which provides a perl XSUB interface to the Oracle Calendar "capi" (Calendar API) library distributed on the Oracle Calendar installation CDs.

I have compiled and used the Xsub on AIX and Redhat Linux. The tricky bit is getting the library names and locations correct in Makefile.PL . The oracle samples folder gives some hints — look at the various makefiles there for assistance.

In it’s current form, our CAPI module marginally ready for widespread redistribution:

  • I haven’t written much documentation
  • I’m not sure how portable the implementation is across different unix implementations
  • If it doesn’t work, don’t blame me 🙂


Nonetheless — the fact that other folks might want to use this is gratifying, so I have placed the files on the web for easy downloading. Good luck.


On Jun 20, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Matthew Mulligan wrote:

Greetings from Wisconsin –

I work for the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee developing solutions for Mac users on campus. After about an hour of searching last night, I stumbled across your CT_Cal.pl and was pretty impressed. Though I couldn’t grab the actual script, it got me thinking about Oracle Calendar integrating with iCal on my own campus. I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the right direction. We also use an Oracle Calendar setup similar to yours and would like to accomplish the same thing you have with its integration on a Mac.

I was curious if you would be willing to either let me see the script or give me some assistance in accomplishing the same kind of thing. If we ended up using it, I would have no problem giving you due credit on our campus website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Awesome job.

Matthew Charles Mulligan
Campus Solution Center
ITPS Dispatch Supervisor
Web Based Learning Systems Specialist
I&MT – Student Technology Services
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
CSC Help Desk – 414.229.4040
WBLS Toll-Free – 1.877.381.3459
Email – wbls@uwm.edu

and Graham Heyes

Hello I am the Computer Center Director at Jefferson lab (see cc.jlab.org)
we use the corporate time calendar and I see that you have a Perl script
which allows subscription of Apple iCal to the CorporateTime calendar.
Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the script? Thank You

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