broken parrot calendar

The interface between our UVM web pages (and iPods) and Oracle Calendar broke witgh the move to parrot. Apparently a known problem with ugly workaround. Toook frank and I a couple of days to track it down and find a (temporary) solution. See

  • Example of the calendar script
  • The particular error condition — CAPI_STAT_API_POOL_NOTINITIALIZED — is not described in my Capi reference manual (release 2.5 August 2002 part no B10097-1). It is here in the Oracle® Calendar  Application Developer’s Guide  Release 2 (9.0.4)   Part No.  B10893-01
  • Changing code to the new 9.0.4 specifications generates a different error. Look here for a description and a fix, of sorts

The latest word from the Oracle SR (which originally told me that they didn’t support the SDK) is that this is a known issue and it is corrected in the version.

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