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I know you work with streaming media but I have a question about  creating full virtual tours for the web maybe you could help with.  What I am thinking about is more then just a 306 degree QTVR, but a  full fishball view. I am re designing the res life web site and we  want to add some images of rooms and other locations on campus.

 I don’t know if you have experience with these or not, check out  this link to see what I mean: 

 We just got a new camera – a Canon Rebel XT and we have a tri pod.  I also have Adobe Creative Studio and some Canon software. I am  able to stitch together images to make a 306 but that is just on  one plane. Do you know of anyone who has done this at UVM and has  a software suggestion?  Let me know if you have any thoughts.

It’s been years since anyone contacted me about panoramic images. The web team subcontracted the job for these I can’t recall who did them — Deb Goller probably knows. A Ken Burns (not THE Ken Burns), I think. This guy (Tom Pollak) is a local and could/would probably do them for you, if you want to spend money.

Some Free/Cheap software possibilities can be found here . Most everything seems to be based on "Pano Tools."

From what I can tell, software is the least of the issues, compared to building a camera rig and calibrating lenses. See

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