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On Mar 2, 2005, at 1:27 PM, Katherine Marmor wrote:

hi - the print server is giving me fits and my students are struggling with it  and the printers both xerox 7700 and epson 7600. could you come by  this week  and have a look - they can get into delete jobs and when they do it  gets all  messed up ( the printer)

Near as I can tell, there was nothing wrong with the print server.
However, each and every other Macintosh in the room had printers (print queues) defined in addition to those available under "shared Printers" — I duuno if they were left over from when I set up the lab or if students have been going to Printer Setup Utility and choosing "Add Printer" Regardless — many of these print queues had anywhere from one to a dozen print jobs waiting in the queues. This is exactly the situation we were trying to avoid by using only "Shared Printers"

So I deleted all print queues and all queued print jobs from all the Macs. I then reconfigured them all such that every time someone logs in, all printers in the printer list are deleted, except for the Shared Printers. Students can still use Printer Setup Utility to add a printer, but there should never be a need to do so. And if they do, it will be deleted when the next student logs in. I dunno if this will solve the problems, since the problem wasn’t well defined — but maybe it will help. And if it just makes matters worse, please let me know

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