Art Lab Update

Tom Brennan passed along a number of Art Lab Issues

  • PhotoShop, File Menu, Browse: supposed to open a file browser (now implimented as a separate application called Adobe Bridge). Adobe Photoshop returns the error, "Error 2: photoshop is undefined. Line 1 -> photoshop.invokeBridge (false, false, ");" when you attempt to start Adobe Bridge by choosing File > Browse or by clicking Go To Bridge in the Options bar. Adobe descibes problem here, however, their solutions 1 and 2 didn’t work;  I wasn’t about to try 3; and 4 didn’t seem to apply. Noticed it did work when logged in as administrator, so I took a chance and changed grou ownership of /Library/Application Support/Adobe to group customer with read/write permissions. Now it works
  • The machine originally connected to the Minolta-Konica Dual DS IV scanner wouldn’t make the scanner go. Solution was to copy /Users/cmd/Library/Preferences/Dual Scan IV/ to /Users/customer/Library . Works now.
  • Using Espon Printer Utility on Print Server was causing kenel panic. Could not duplicate.
  • Large print jobs or lots of print jobs yielding garbled output yo printer. Guessing this is a processing/RAM bottleneck. Recommended installing one of the old lab G4 machines as a replacement, assuming I can bump up the RAM.

Problems mostly solved, but solution not yet pushed out to all Macs. Gotta go back soon and do so. Goes something like this:

  1. Login as administrator
  2. Run Software Update
  3. Terminal Application
    1. sudo rm -R /Library/Management
    2. sudo ditto –rsrc /Volumes/Art 1/Users/customer /Library/Management
    3. sudo chown -R customer:customer /Library/Management
    4. sudo chgrp -R customer /Library/Applications Support/Adobe

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