Print Server Makeover, Art Lab

I decommissioned the old 400 MHz, 386MB RAM G4 and configured the newer 733MHz G4, 512MB RAM G4 as the New Improved Print Server Mark II. This entailed

  • configure the new machine’s network settings so that it obtains a "fixed" rather than dynamic IP address. MAC address is 0003933ed67a; this was communicated to with request for current IP address of
  • tarballed /etc/cups on old server and unpacked same on new
  • shutdown the old machine, remove it’s memory chips, and see if they’ll work in the new machine. They didn’t. (old 100 MHz, new 133Mhz) Found two 256MB chips in old 933MHz lab machine, borrowed one.
  • create new user accounts on the new machine such that it boots and auto-logs in the same way as the old
  • run system updates on the new machine to make sure operating system is up to date and secure
  • test

Apparently I needed to "enable Appletalk" to allow the New Improved Print Server Mark II to talk to the Xerox 7700 printer. I did this around 12:30 Friday. This allowed the piled up bad jobs to print. I note that someone was sending Microsoft Word files: I trust that, according to the New Printing Policy, they will be hunted down and terminated.

Also had to delete and redefine the 7600 Pro, to make that go, although in retrospect maybe that was an Appletalk issue, too.

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