Art Lab Fixes

Investigated and solved a host of problems:

  • Student lost work on smb://zoofiles/homes as a result of TSG moving files, helped her cope
  • Investigated problem with Xerox 7700 Phaser printer: requires a new Print Cartridge, which is separate and distinct from Toner Cartridges. Approximate cost: $100-$120 Without this, the printer will not print. Self-diagnostics indicate A second cartridge is nearing the end of its life cycle, too, so the responsible parties may wish to order two.
  • Investigate problem with Epson 2400 scanner. I tried the remaining Epson 2400 scanner attached to the Left scanning G4 (next to the Big Screen G4) and the Right scanning G4 (next to the G5). It performed flawlessly on the Right scanning G4. It scanned once then produced the "Could not complete the Import command because there is no scanner installed" dialog box. However, if the user Quits Photoshop (command-Q) and re-launches Photoshop, it works again and continues to work flawlessly until the user logs off. While not ideal, it may prove to be a livable workaround.
  • Investigated an issue where iDVD will not burn DVDs on the new iMacs. iDVD will not burn DVDs on the new iMacs because the new iMacs don’t have DVD burners, or "Superdrives." They’ll burn CDs and play DVDs, but no DVD burning at all. iDVD should burn just fine on the old G4s and the dual G5, although I did not actually test it on those machines.

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