Erin Watson

Erin and coworker at Shaws

Hi My Name Is Erin Watson, I’m a Sophomore at UVM and this year I’m living on Campus in the Redstone Lofts with A new think college student Sophia!! We live with too other roommates Alyssa and Lily and they both go to UVM !!!!! This semester I’m taking Satiability Of Vermont And I do Band I play the Clarinet!!! I participate in Special Olympics For the Chittenden Team and I do Soccer , Swimming , Skiing , And Basketball!!!!  I work at Shaw’s in Williston I’m a cashier/bagger !!! I work with two of my friends at Shaw’s Shania and Gabby and Gabby also goes to UVU !!!!! I love to walk my dog His name is Teddy he is a yellow lab How we got his name is Tommy my older brother who is in the marines he is in California right now for 3 years!!! Then Erin my name , Then Danny my younger brother he is a Senior at CVU high school Teddy is 12 years old !!!! I also love to Hang out with my friends, Shania , Emily Olivia , and My other friend Olivia and Sophia !!! But this summer I had a sleepover every week with my friend Olivia and she would do my hair a lot because she is really good at doing hair !!!!!!! I also love to go Shopping and get my nails done!!!!! 
I hope everyone as a great school year and I hope everyone enjoys think college!!!!