December 5th Deadline, Dairy Margin Protection Program

The deadline for enrollment in the Margin Protection Program for Dairy has been extended to Friday December 5th. MPP is a  revenue risk management tool for dairy producers when the difference between the price of milk and price of feed falls below coverage levels that farmers themselves choose. Dairy producers should contact their local USDA Farm Service Agency office to get information on enrollment this week. This weeks deadline marks the last chance dairy farms will have access to this program until 2016.

Information about the MPP-Dairy is available from USDA Farm Service Agency at this website: USDA FSA , MPP DAIRY

An online decision tool is available for farmers to use at this website: MPP DECISION TOOLThe tool allows a farmer to see the financial impact of how MPP enrollment would impact their business at different selected coverage levels. Instructions on how to use the tool are available on the website.

Farm Business Specialist Dennis Kauppila (UVM Extension) has created a simple worksheet that can be filled out while using the online decision tool. The sheet allows you to see how this program would impact your farm had the program been running in 2009 and 2012. Download the worksheet here: MPP-Dairy 3 year tables-1

Here is a list of Vermont FSA offices: VERMONT FSA COUNTY MAP (click your county on the map to get contact information)