Check out these programs, something for everyone

As winter approaches UVM Extension Farm Viability has been lining up a number of business program options to meet the diverse needs of farms in VT. Here is a quick list of current events and programs. Contact us to register for one that will advance your business planning today! Subscribe to the blog for occasional updates (over on the right) and forward this link to your farming friends that have never worked with Farm Viability.

Management Mondays: 20-30 minute webinars covering hot topics in farm business (click this link for the schedule)

Maple Business Benchmark: this new program will work one-on-one with maple producers to evaluate the financial performance for their business. As numbers grow in the program we will publish overviews of  financial performance at different scales of production. (click here to learn more)

Full Business Plans, Cash Flow Analysis,  Enterprise Analysis and Dairy Management Teams. This has been our core program for over 10 years. Go to the “Programs for Farmers” to see a summary of these options or click this link for an application

New farm transfer planning guidelines on the way! We are working with the statewide Farm Viability Program to make sure transfer planning can support all the unique family and non-family transfer scenarios we see on Vermont farms today.

Our resource library continues to grow with additions of fact sheets and financial templates to assist farm managers. Click here to browse the Resource Library