Northern Ireland: State of the Art Demonstration Greenmount

Today we spent the day visiting with “technologists” and seeing their state of the art demonstration farm at the Greenmount Campus. College of Agriculture, Farms and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) at Greenmount provides various levels of vocational, technical and advanced agriculture degree programs in Northern Ireland. have just completed work on a nee dairy demonstration facility. The 150 cow herd has moved off grazing land and into the barn for the winter season. The facility features padded floors at key spots, robotic alley cleaners and an innovative manure/urine separator floor (see image below). The floor scraper separates urine and manure to reduce the mixing that promotes ammonia volatilization. They expect this is several years ahead of an industry that is soon approaching numerous innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farms.

low ammonia alley scraper

low ammonia alley scraper

On the greener side, we saw horticulture demonstrations, testing numerous late season and winter ornamental crops that could add off season cash flow to nursery and greenhouses. It is not uncommon here for a live

stock farm to also manage an ornamental hoop house for another source of income. Crops include: ornamental cabbage, winter rose and cyclamen(see below)


Markup and Margins: Price Setting Essentials

Understanding price-setting is essential for anyone who produces, buys or sells agricultural products. UVM Extension Farm Viability has just posted a resource sheet that explains how “markups” and “margins” are applied to prices. The  “Mark-up and Margins to Set Prices” sheet also provides tables to convert product prices based on common markups and margins we observe in the market place today.

You can view or download the “Mark-up  and Margins to set Prices” fact sheet today. Click  this link to the Resource Library page and scroll down to find this fact sheet and other resources for farm businesses.