IRS Publication 225: Farmer’s Tax Guide

It is the time of year for many questions that lead back to tax preparation.

Here is a link to the current IRS Farmer’s Tax Guide

We are also seeing more scrutiny being placed on the distinction between “agricultural” employees compared to “retail” or “non-ag” employees. Owners of businesses that diversify,  take on retail operations or manage  non-traditional farm activities will want to get familiar with the legal thresholds on employee classification. Read more in the IRS Publication 51: Agricultural Employers Tax Guide. Look at sections relating to Form 943 starting on page 18.

IRS pub 51 ag employers



2014 Planned Grazing Charts Available: Plan for profitable grazing!

I see green ($) when I see well managed pastures. Improved pasture management can lead to increased weight grain per day for meat production and improved income over feed costs in dairy operations.

Troy Bishopp at Central New York RC&D has just posted new 2014-15 Planned Grazing Charts. Go this link to download a chart for yourself:

Charts are available for 10,20 and up to 40 paddock systems

22 graze plan close up