Activity Log: QuickTime Support Calls

Lots of QuickTime Questions.

A Snider (aka Tuna) was wanting to switch from RealMedia to QuickTime for his Debate videos. I addressed the pros and cons of Streaming vs Progressive Download; where to upload them (with a short discourse on zoo file space and server architecture) ; what the links would look like; playing them in a browser (QuickTime plug-in) versus playing with QuickTime Player. Questions and answers were split over a couple days time, during which I also prepared a diagram and several examples movies and associated web pages.

Gagnan Mirchandani has been experimenting with QuickTime Broadcaster, both for live broadcasting and recording live lectures. He had several questions regarding how to link to the resultant movies. The same examples prepared for Tuna worked satisfactory as examples for him.

RTSP (real time streaming protocol) is used for Live Broadcasts or archived material delivered from Streaming Servers. See

RTSP is problematic because browsers don’t always know what to do with it. Consider these two URLs



What happpens when you click on them? Is it what you expected?

Because of these problems, RTSP URLs are best handled using the HTML "EMBED" command.


This example has two movies. Both are "embedded" in a web page. The top movie is served from a standard web server using the HTTP protocol. The bottom movie is served from a QuickTime Streaming Server using the RTSP protocol.


This example shows many ways to link to a .mov file with an HTML URL (no streaming involved)


This is Apple’s reference on the EMBED syntax

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