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Hi Wes:
I have some MS Access questions again. I’m wondering if you could show me how to show more information in queries. As it is set up know, I only have last names included. I would like to see the full name and department if possible. Do you have some time to help me with that? Not a huge rush or anything. It’s just something that has been annoying me for awhile.

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Access is a beastly app, but I managed to tame it. It amounts to changing the query that populates the Attendee field in the RSVPs table from

SELECT [Constituents].[ID], [Constituents].[Last Name], [Constituents].[First Name] FROM Constituents ORDER BY [Last Name], [First Name], [ID];


SELECT [Constituents].[ID], [Constituents].[Last Name], [Constituents].[First Name], [Constituents].[Department] FROM Constituents ORDER BY [Last Name], [First Name], [ID]; 

Then go to the Create ribbon and create a new data sheet-style form

Copy the Attendee field and paste it bak under the existing Attendee field. Paste and position again. Rename the original Last Name, the next First Name and the last Department. Edit format of the column widths of each to only show 1 column

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