Hybrid Case Studies

Ines asked,

I met with J and Henrie this week because they want me to write some case studies on the hybrid course development/teaching process.
Eventually there will be 30+ but it’ll be a smaller number to start.  They want these to be presented as part of the CTL website.
They want faceted search capability. So people could, go to the “case studies page” and do a search for all courses in CALS that went through the hybrid program…. OR all CALS courses that are over 100 students…OR all undergraduate courses from any college.
There would therefore be several different search variables. Here are just a few of them :
College e.g. CAS, CALS, CEMS… etc  
Level e.g undergrad, graduate;  
Class size e.g. 0-25, 25-50, etc;
Hybrid model of teaching  e.g. Split, Alternative, etc.
Here’s what I want to know…
is MySQL the way to do it?  Can it just be done with with PHP and tagging?
Also, I should mention that the queries that are generated would produce a list with any number of “finds” (courses) listed on it, so if someone searches for 
College: BSAD  +  ClassSize: 25-50  + HybridMode: alternating
they may only come up with one course that meets that criteria (or none), but if they search, say, only one variable like “College: CAS” and choose no other parameters, they may have 20 results.

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