dSpace, Endnote, Gund

Former UVM staffer Hillary Archer and current Gund director Taylor Ricketts


I received this note from Hillary Archer, Project Manager Media Communications, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. They are revising their site to better use the UVM template


And they want their Publications Page , currently at


to be database driven, searchable, looking something like this:


I met with her and discussed her options:

o Request the PHP code from UMN http://environment.umn.edu/forms/project_search_form.php , find someone who can modify it for Gund use. Note that data fields are different

o Find someone to build it all from scratch

o Use Dspace as a ‘back end’

Hillary liked the Dspace option. To that end, I used dSpace API to incorporate dSpace display and search requests through php and UVM template. I also wrote a parser to interpret and unload EndNote XML exports.

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