Gund almost done (again)

Taylor wrote


so, we’ve uploaded our latest database, and it looks great, so we’re going to make it live.  A couple things for you.
Isis Erb (cc’d) is in charge of web updates, so she can do it.  If your directions aren’t clear enough to her, she may be in touch with you.
A couple additional little formatting things, now that I’ve studied it:
– the citation standard is to list the volume, number, and pages as: “… Journal Name 4(15): 106-114.”  Could you format your listings to do it this way, instead of “…Journal Name Volume 4;Number 15;pages 106-114;”?
– after the last name in the authors list, could you please put a period, then a space, before the “(2012)”?
– similarly, please put a period, not a comma, after the title.
I hope these are easy.  The first is the one I care most about, really.
 The first was not easy, as the citation is in the wrong format in dSpace (’cause that’s how I wrote the ingestion script), so I had to come up with some regular expressions to alter it come display time. Another hours work.
I noted that URLs for local copies of PDFs had been entered; However, they were entered as relative (to the Gund site) rather than absolute. Example:


rather than

This is fine for the Gund site, but it breaks links in the corresponding dSpace page

link to URI there is now relative to dSpace

which yields a Not Found error

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