TIF grant: pilot a ‘lecture capture’ solution for campus

Concise description of proposal.

Investigate and pilot a ‘lecture capture’ solution for campus. Project will obtain and install a variety of possible solutions, including the commercial products Echo360, Camtasia and Tegrity, and the open source OpenCast Matterhorn.  Software can be evaluated for free: budget represents approximate hardware costs.

Which of the following Goals & Objectives of the TIF Plan does your proposal support? (Check all that apply)

Objective 1.6: To provide appropriate technologies and services to student services that directly support student life and learning.

Objective 2.2: To enhance student learning by providing support programs for faculty, graduate teaching fellows, and other affiliated instructors wishing to optimize the use of multimedia and other instructional technologies.

Objective 2.3: To encourage innovation and creativity in teaching, learning, and student services in the context of generally-accepted standards and compatibility.

Briefly describe how your proposal supports the specific goals and objectives of the program.

By providing on-line, on-demand digital recordings of classroom lectures, we hope to provide additional avenues of student engagement with course materials. Lecture capture allows students to review material at their own pace and convenience, offers students more flexibility in note-taking, and allows students to catch up with a missed lecture. Lecture capture also enhances the potential for success for students struggling with difficult material in general, for ESL students as well as students with learning disabilities, increasing their potential for success and enhancing their potential for graduating in a timely manner. Other campuses report that it reduces the amount of time needed for remedial counseling and advising and has the effect of creating more time for instructors, particularly in large enrollment classes.

1 Epiphan Systems’ Matterhorn Capture Device™ (MCD) 1,020
2 Dell OptiPlex 390 Small Form Factor $720
2 Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 $100
1 Epiphan Systems VGA2USB™  $300

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