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1) Is it possible to link Adobe GoLive directly into the moveable type blogging system? There evidently is an API in golive, but I haven’t been able to find the correct URL to link to the pages within the blog.  It would make sense, for a security standpoint, to require people to only use the MT tools since root access to the actual blog content directories via FTP could be a bad idea.  If so, oh well.. However, being able to use a more advanced content creation system would be nice rather than just cutting and pasting.
Nope. Yes, it would require shell access or sftp access (pretty much the same, since sftp implies ssh implies shell access) or ftp access or webdav access — none of which are currently offered to the typical user on  So, your only option right now is to cut and paste, as suggested here

2) I suspect that I should be able to use cold fusion tags to draw info out of a MySQL database to populate some web pages we’re delivering.  Is this possible and, if so, is it using the same old instructions that we used a year or so ago when I was creating some PHP scripts and using MySQL to populate.  I’m building a Google Gadget that I’d like to populate with an RSS feed or using a database call so having access would be useful.  I have some of the old info you sent me somewhere and if that’s still good I’d find it and use it to create the needed databases.

Cold fusion — well, probably not, since those would require to support ColdFusion, and it does not. But PHP — sure. here’s a link to some examples

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Sometimes this stuff is easier to do with WordPress as a blog tool. Pros: it lives in your own public_html folder, which you can access in multiple way, you can hack the php code left and right and write your own functions. Cons: you need to install and configure it yourself, code hacks and modifications require php programming skills.

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